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event 04 sep 2017

Regional Nexus // The Central Asian Dialogue on the Use of Multisectoral Financing Opportunities through Enhancing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

By Ludmilla Kiktenko, The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC)

event 25 ago 2017

Integrated Resource Management in Asian cities // The Urban Nexus

The project focuses on the topics of secure water supply and sanitation systems, energy security and efficiency, land use, and food security. The…

event 25 ago 2017

Urban Nexus Project // Integrated Resource Management in Asian Cities: The Urban Nexus Project

By Ruth Erlbeck. The “nexus” approach aims at integrated planning and management processes of the key sectors of energy, water and food. This…

event 26 jun 2017

WaCClim Case Study // Water-Energy-Climate Nexus in Thailand

Located in one of the regions most vulnerable to the impact of global warming, Thailand has established policies, action plans and climate change…

event 03 mar 2017

Case Study // Del Monte Philippines harvests energy from food process water

A waste-to-energy project undertaken by the world's largest integrated pineapple operation, Del Monte Philippines Inc. (DMPI), has exceeded even the…

event 09 ene 2017

Research // Water Food Energy Nexus: Changing Scenarios in India during recent Decades

By Beas Barik, Subimal Ghosh, A. Saheer Sahana, Amey Pathak and Muddu Sekhar. Meeting the growing water and food demands in a densely populated…

event 06 ene 2017

Research // Co-benefits and trade-offs in the water–energy nexus of irrigation modernization in China

By Roger Cremades, Sabrina G. S. A. Rothausen, Declan Conway, Xiaoxia Zou, Jinxia Wang and Yu'e Li. China faces its own 'perfect storm' as rapid…

event 30 dic 2016

Urban Energy–Water Nexus // A Network Perspective

Energy–water nexus plays a prominent role in developing sustainable roadmap for cities. This study proposes a system-based framework to synthesize…

event 30 nov 2016

River Basins // The Water-Energy-Food Nexus and the Transboundary Context: Insights from Large Asian Rivers

By Marko Keskinen, Joseph H. A. Guillaume, Mirja Kattelus, Miina Porkka, Timo A. Räsänen and Olli Varis. Based on a comparative analysis of three…

event 14 oct 2016

River Basins // Modeling the Hydropower–Food Nexus in Large River Basins: A Mekong Case Study

By Jamie Pittock, David Dumaresq and Andrea M. Bassi. An increasing global population and growing wealth are raising demand for energy and food,…

event 13 oct 2016

Special Issue // Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Large Asian River Basins

Ed. by Marko Keskinen, Shokhrukh Jalilov and Olli Varis. The connections between water, food and energy are currently being discussed more than ever…

event 13 oct 2016

River Basins // Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Large Asian River Basins

By Marko Keskinen and Olli Varis. The water-energy-food nexus ("nexus") is promoted as an approach to look at the linkages between water, energy and…

event 01 feb 2016

The Future Nexus of the Brahmaputra River Basin // Climate, Water, Energy and Food Trajectories

Advance knowledge of conflicting trajectories of water–energy–food (WEF) nexus is highly relevant for water policy and planning, especially for…

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