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The Water, Energy & Food Security Resource Platform

The Nexus Resource Platform is the leading global knowledge hub for managing and sharing resources on the Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus. It enables practitioners, researchers and policymakers to think beyond sectors to ensure access to water, energy and food for all.

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The Nexus Resource Platform empowers you with action-oriented key information

We enable policymakers, planners, academia and scholars to make WEF Nexus thinking a reality with knowledge products, trainings, videos and projects. Our hub features a wide range of resources that can support and inspire you to get the WEF Nexus approach into action.

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The Water, Energy and Food security Nexus approach aims to secure the supply of these resources

In the 21st century, the world´s demand for natural resources is more pressing than ever before. The Water, Energy and Food security Nexus approach aims to secure the supply of these resources by strengthening synergies and reducing trade-offs among these sectors.

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@NEXUSPlatform  | 4 hrs ago

💧🌿A new @FAOLandWater Paper presents case studies and #WaterAccounting innovations with a focus on livestock systems.

If you’re interested in how we can increase our crops per drop check out the full publication here 👉https://t.co/g4Wz2JPTgO

#Water-#Food #Nexus https://t.co/hpBe94QO5W

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@NEXUSPlatform  | 1 days ago

Le projet Nexus Regional Dialogue in the Niger Basin et le projet #Frexus ont eu leur réunion de lancement le 23 mars 2021 à Niamey, au Niger 🌍

En savoir plus sur les résultats de cette réunion et les objectifs de ces projets #WEFNexus👉https://t.co/n0TkKGTWJx https://t.co/jlvXGcjoFY

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event 22 Apr 2021

Nexus Blog // Lutte contre les changements climatiques: une opportunité pour la prévention des conflits au Sahel

Les conflits autour des ressources naturelles (eau, terre, énergie) jouent un rôle significatif dans la détérioration de la situation sécuritaire au…

event 22 Apr 2021

Nexus Blog // Combating climate change: an opportunity for conflict prevention in the Sahel

By Jakob Seidler. Conflicts over natural resources (water, land, energy) play a significant role in the deterioration of the security situation in…

event 21 Apr 2021

Nexus Blog // Atelier regional de demarrage des projects Nexus eau-energie-securite alimentaire et Frexus dans le Bassin du Niger

Lancement de deux projets financés conjointement par l'Union européenne (UE) et le ministère fédéral allemand de la coopération économique et du…

event 27 Apr 2021

Webinar // FAO Water-Energy-Food Nexus Webinar Series Session 7 - Selected experiences with WEF Nexus decision-making: applications in Jordan and Morocco

This webinar series is organized by the FAO in collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in…

event 27 Apr 2021

Webinar // UNFSS Independent Dialogue - Water: the game changer for food systems

Dr. Agnes Kalibata, UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy to the Food Systems Summit; and Gilbert F. Houngbo, UN-Water Chair and President of the…

event 29 Apr 2021

Webinar // From Theory to Practice - How the Benefit Accounting of Nature-Based Solutions Method Aligns with Real-World Projects

This webinar is the second in a three-part series on nature-based solutions (NBS) for watersheds. The webinar series is part of the Benefit…

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