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The Water, Energy & Food Security Resource Platform

The Nexus Resource Platform is the leading global knowledge hub for managing and sharing resources on the Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus. It enables practitioners, researchers and policymakers to think beyond sectors to ensure access to water, energy and food for all.

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event 07 Feb 2023 12 Apr 2023 location online
Webinar Series // Unpacking Freshwater's Role in Climate Mitigation
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The Nexus Resource Platform empowers you with action-oriented key information

We enable policymakers, planners, academia and scholars to make WEF Nexus thinking a reality with knowledge products, trainings, videos and projects. Our knowledge hub features a wide range of resources that can support and inspire you to get the WEF Nexus approach into action.

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The WEF nexus approach

What is the Water-Energy-Food Nexus approach and why do we need it?

In the 21st century, the world´s demand for natural resources is more pressing than ever before. The Water, Energy and Food security Nexus approach aims to secure the supply of these resources by strengthening synergies and reducing trade-offs among these sectors.

event 07 Feb 2023 12 Apr 2023 location online

Webinar Series // Unpacking Freshwater's Role in Climate Mitigation

This spring, Swedish Water House will host a webinar series diving into the chapters of the recently launched report “The essential drop to reach Net-Zero: Unpacking…

event 30 Mar 2023 location Mexico City, Mexico

Event // LATAM 4WEF Matchmaking Demo Day

In partnership with GIZ, SAFEEM, and Nexus, the LATAM4WEF Matchmaking Demo Day aims to propose a collaborative space for participants to ideate, validate and scale…

@NEXUSPlatform  | 19 hrs ago

🔔¡Reserva la fecha para el #LATAM4WEF Matchmaking Demo Day!

Conoce las soluciones tecnológicas que están mitigando los desafíos en agua💧, energía💡y seguridad alimentaria🍅

🗓️30/03/2023 | 17:30 CST | Ciudad de México

🔗Más información:

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@NEXUSPlatform  | 20 hrs ago

🏆Get ready to be amazed by one of the winning startups of the #WEFNexus Niger Basin Accelerator!

“Service d’Assainissement et de Ville Propre" (SAVIP) is improving the local waste management in Chad🇹🇩 with its innovative waste collection service🗑️


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