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Fact Sheet // Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme Phase II

The Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme Phase II (2020-2023), funded by the EU and BMZ, aims to mainstream WEF Nexus approaches through increased investor awareness, capacity building, concrete projects and expansion of knowledge management. It builds on Phase I (2016-2020) of the project, during which the five Nexus Regional Dialogues (NRD) developed policy recommendations endorsed by high-level policy makers at regional and national level.


The five Nexus Regional Dialogues

The Water-Energy-Food security Nexus (WEF Nexus) provides a holistic and integrated approach to the future of water, energy and food access. To achieve this paradigm shift in the international development agenda, strategic action plans are needed to institutionalise the approach in regional and national governments, target investors and demonstrate concrete projects. Phase I made notable strides towards these aims. As Phase II of the Nexus Regional Dialogues (NRD) Programme begins, new strategic goals are necessary to build on the successes of Phase I.

Outcomes of the Nexus Regional Dialogue- Phase I (2016-2020)

In Phase I of the NRD Programme, the Global Nexus Secretariat (GNS) worked with five regional partners to promote the Nexus approach in capacity building workshops, dialogue events and the creation of the Nexus Resource Platform as a center for WEF NEXUS resources and networking.

Phase I of the Nexus Regional Dialogues also succeeded in creating Action Plans and policy recommendations. The Action Plans identified potential Nexus projects to be financed in all five regions in Phase II, paving the way for further institutionalisation of the WEF Nexus approach in concrete projects.

“Nexus mainstreaming can only be achieved through participatory approaches. Continued stakeholder dialogues and validation of data and information fosters cross-sectoral exchange and mutual understanding”

-Maria Ana Otilia Rodriguez Gomez Cornejo, GIZ

Next Steps - Phase II (2020-2023)

The WEF NEXUS Dialogues Programme Phase II has been designed to support the following goals:

  • Institutionalise the Nexus approach in governance structures
  • Institutionalise the Nexus approach in investment decisions for water, energy and food security
  • Foster interest, awareness and engagement of investors for WEF NEXUS projects

Demonstrated projects, development of project proposals, resource communication and further capacity building activities in countries in all five regions are key to mainstreaming the Nexus approach.

Phase II thus contributes to international sustainable development and the EU’s commitment to Agenda 2030 through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, the WEF NEXUS approach is integral to Agenda 2030's call for universal access to food, drinking water and modern energy.

The water, energy and good security nexus contributes to the following SDGs:

  • SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation)
  • SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy)
  • SDG 2 (Zero Hunger)

The mainstreaming of the WEF NEXUS approach in Phase II of the NRD will allow practitioners, researchers and policymakers to continue to think beyond sectors to ensure access to water, energy and food for all. With the support of the BMZ, EU DEVCO and the GIZ, Phase II will therefore build on the groundwork and previous success of Phase I through concrete projects, capacity building and enhanced dialogues among regional partners to position the Nexus approach more firmly within international development thinking.


November 2020

Products of Phase I


Fact Sheet: Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme Phase II (English)

Fact Sheet: Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme Phase II (French)

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