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Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme Phase II

Institutionalising the WEF Nexus approach in national and regional governance structures and investment decisions.

Project Details

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  • Implementing organisation:

    Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC); Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ); Global Water Partnership Southern Africa (GWP-SA)

  • Collaborating partners:

    National Partners in Central Asia; League of Arab States (LAS); Niger Basin Authority (NBA); Southern African Development Community (SADC)

  • Implementation period:

    July 2020 – June 2023

  • Beneficiary countries:

    Central Asia; Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC); Middle East and North Africa (MENA); Niger Basin; Southern Africa

  • Funding by:

    European Union (EU), German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Key Resources

Cover NRP legacy

Legacy of the Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme (2017 - 2023)



This is a comprehensive list of the core achievements and key products of the Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme, clustered per region.

Factsheet NRD General

Factsheet // Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme


Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus Training Material



The Nexus Regional Dialogues (NRD) Programme created a new Nexus Training for an increased application of the WEF Nexus approach in planning, policymaking and implementation worldwide. It consists of theoretical and very hands-on knowledge and is made up of three different modules.


Lessons Learned Study: Insights gained from the Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme

Nexus Principles

The Water, Energy and Food security Nexus Principles

Literature Review

Water-Energy-Food Nexus Literature Review // A Review of Nexus Literature and ongoing Nexus Initiatives for Policymakers

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Designing innovative solutions for the Water, Energy and Food Nexus

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Financing the Water Energy and Food Nexus

Screenshot 2023 07 24 113840

Financing strategy: Identification of Financing Facilities for Water-Energy-Food and Ecosystems projects for the Nexus Dialogues Programme

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Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus Indicator Framework

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Policy Paper: Sustainable Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems

Nexus Newsletter Cover 3

Nexus Newsletter Collection



This is a collection of all Newsletter editions that have been published throughout the whole programme period of the Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme between 2018 - 2023.


Nexus Impact Assessment (NIA) Toolkit | Turning Concepts into Action


White Paper – What does it take to accelerate WEF investments

Why do we need an integrated approach to natural resource management?

Access to natural resources and healthy ecosystems is essential for human wellbeing, dignity and sustainable livelihoods. Natural resource management and governance are, however, highly complex and water, food, and energy security are multifaceted. Worldwide, scarce natural resources and the environment are increasingly exploited while at the same time the demand for freshwater, agricultural products and energy is rising. Inequalities in the distribution and access to water, energy and food are exacerbated by the impacts of climate change.

SMALL shutterstock 703026958 People working in fields near Sangha village Dogon Country Mali West Africa Torsten Pursche

Inclusive water, energy and food security on the path to a climate resilient and resource efficient future for all

— Vision of the NRD Programme
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The Water-Energy-Food Nexus Approach

The Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus approach addresses this complex reality and recognises that water, energy and food security can only be achieved through safeguarding, protecting and upholding natural resources. It contributes to a better understanding of the deep interconnectedness between natural resources and their planning, management and consumption. For example, pumping to irrigate crops can lead to over-exploitation of water resources. The cultivation of biofuel crops, while they provide renewable alternatives to fossil fuels, can compete with food production for land and water.

At its heart, the WEF Nexus promotes a holistic and integrated way of thinking and acting to ensure inclusive water, energy and food security in a sustainable way. It turns attention to opportunities: untangling trade-offs, inspiring compromises and uncovering synergies. It further promotes policy coherence and multi-sectoral cooperation at all levels.

  • 69%

    Agriculture uses the major share (69%) of global freshwater resources

  • 30%

    30% of global energy consumption is used for food production and supply

  • 90%

    90% of global power generation is water-intensive


Building on the results of Phase I, the Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme Phase II aims to institutionalise the WEF Nexus approach in national and regional governance structures and investment decisions and to engage the public and private investors for WEF Nexus projects.

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Approach and Activities

The Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme is implemented in Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and Northern Africa, the Niger Basin and Southern Africa in cooperation with regional partner organisations.

The five NRD Dialogues

Together with its regional partners, the Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme assists stakeholders to bring the WEF Nexus approach to the mainstream of governance and investment. Concrete policy recommendations and governance frameworks for an integrated natural resource management are developed. Furthermore, investment opportunities for multi-sectoral projects are identified. In order to complement this work with evidence-based arguments, the programme contributes to the operationalization and impact assessment of WEF Nexus demonstration projects in the regions.

NRD overview work


This video presents the work of the The Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme, its objectives and approach and gives insights to concrete demonstration projects and activities on the ground. Have a look!

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FINAL GIZ Wasser NIA 2023 02 22

Through innovative training, the Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme builds both enthusiasm and capacity for multi-sectoral WEF Nexus decision making and investment planning. Hands-on tools, guidelines and best practices to take the WEF Nexus approach from theory to practice, are disseminated through participation in international events and the Nexus Resource Platform (www.water-energy-food.org).

Approach and Activities
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Water and Energy: A Partnership for the fight against Climate Change

The Nexus Regional Dialogues programme mobilized its network of nexus leaders for a session at the Climate Conference COP26 on November 3, 2021 entitled ‘Fueling synergies through the Water-Energy Nexus – honouring Energy Day at the Water Pavilion’. This online event set the scene for Energy Day at the Blue Pavilion by exploring the interlinkages between water and energy and how these can contribute in the fight against climate change. Watch the full session here:

Cop26 november 3 session

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The Global Nexus Secretariat based at GIZ headquarters in Germany, supports the five Nexus Regional Dialogues with technical assistance and facilitates cross-regional exchange and learning.

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