Mission of the Nexus Resource Platform

Sharing knowledge of the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus approach.

Our mission is to foster a paradigm shift in the international development agenda, from sectoral development interventions towards an integrated resource-use approach by sharing the knowledge on the Nexus approach.


The Nexus Resource Platform is the leading global knowledge hub for managing and sharing resources on the Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus. It enables practitioners, researchers and policymakers to think beyond sectors to ensure access to water, energy and food for all.


The world is currently facing a great challenge of securing water, energy and food for all

Due to rapid population and economic growth in combination with accelerated urbanisation and changing lifestyles, demand for water, energy and food is constantly increasing. However, the natural resources are limited.

More than one-quarter of the energy used globally is needed for food production and supply and the agricultural sector is the largest user of the world’s freshwater resources. At the same time, water scarcity already affects 2.1 billion people.

Sectoral planning in the water, energy and agricultural sectors can lead to unintended, negative consequences, which in turn worsens livelihoods and undermines sustainable development. Today's resource governance is insufficiently steered towards achieving a balanced water, food and energy security for humankind.

Our Vision

Inclusive water, energy and food security on the path to a climate resilient and resource efficient future for all!

Our mission is to institutionalise the Water, Energy and Food Nexus approach in national and regional governance structures to secure the sustainable resource management of water, energy and food resources. We want to leverage the interest of public and private investors for projects, that incorporate the Nexus approach, for a sustainable future and a universal water, energy and food security.

WEF Nexus approach

The WEF Nexus approach highlights the interdependencies between achieving water, energy and food security for human well-being

Basics services and economic development, while ensuring ecologically sustainable use of globally essen­tial resources. It is based on an understanding of the synergies and regulated negotiation of fair trade-offs between compet­ing uses of water, land and energy-related resources.

It therewith contributes not only to sustainable development, but also to the EU’s overall developmental and global commitments, namely the Agenda 2030 with its Sustainable Development Goals.

The Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme focuses on contributing mainly to the achievement of:


The Nexus approach is a fundamental shift, from a pure sectoral approach to solutions that embrace a cross-sectoral, coherent and integrated perspective. It challenges existing structures, policies and procedures at global, regional and (sub) national levels.

Key benefits of the WEF Nexus approach:

Increase in resource productivity through the promotion of synergies among the three sectors
Protection and strengthening of natural ecosystems through Nexus-based solutions
Stimulation of multi-purpose investments as sustainable solutions
knowledge hub

The Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme actively stimulates the flow and exchange of information at a global scale.

We collect and synthesise information and foster the exchange of knowledge between the partners of the Nexus Regional Dialogues (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, the League of Arab States, the Niger Basin Authority, the Central Asia Regional Environmental Centre in collaboration with national governments and the Southern African Development Commission in collaboration with the Global Water Partnership-Southern Africa) as well as between different technical fields and sectors.

This includes all kind of Nexus resources, from policy briefs to guidelines on WEF Nexus implementation, publications on key elements of the WEF Nexus approach as well as case studies, videos and event announcements.

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