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event 20 Feb 2020

Publication // The Water-Food-Energy Nexus: Insights into resilient development

By SAB Miller and WWF (World Wildlife Fund). This collaborative report looks at 16 countries or states, comparing the ways in which their development…

event 04 Feb 2020

Publication // Payment for Ecosystem Services and the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Securing Resource Flows for the Auffluent?

by Jean Carlo Rodríguez-de-Francisco, Bibiana Duarte-Abadía and Rutgerd Boelens. In this paper, the authors evaluate a Payment for Ecosystem Services…

event 27 Jan 2020

Nexus Blog // Resultados del tercero Foro Virtual de Nexus América Latina

¿Cómo puede la perspectiva Nexus ayudar a encontrar sinergias entre el sector del agua, la seguridad alimenticia y la energía, y así también mitigar…

event 23 Jan 2020

Nexus Blog // Outcomes of the third Nexus Latin America Virtual Forum

How can the Nexus perspective help to find synergies between the water, agriculture and energy sector and mititage potential risks for a sustainable…

event 03 Dec 2019

Nexus Virtual Forum // Solar Powered Irrigation Systems: Opportunities and Challenges

The event revealed how the WEF Nexus approach sheds light on the challenges and opportunities for a sustainable usage of SPIS and how it can help to…

event 02 Oct 2019

Estudio SPIS // Transversalización del Enfoque Nexo en el Contexto del Bombeo Solar para riego

El enfoque Nexo ofrece un diálogo regional y nacional sobre políticas públicas para la gestión de las interconexiones entre agua, energía y…

event 26 Sep 2019

Nexus Conference Bolivia // El Foro Nexus Rumbo al 2025

On October 1st 2019, the “Foro Nexo Rumbo al 2025” takes place at the Catholic University of Bolivia “San Pablo” in La Paz, Bolivia. The focus of the…

event 30 Jul 2019

Nexus Publicación // Manual de Capacitación Equipo Móvil de Bombeo Solar

Desarrollar y fortalecer capacidades de asesoramiento técnico y formulación de proyectos de agua, energía solar y producción de alimentos, en…

event 11 Jul 2019

Blog // What can Transdisciplinarity give back to Communities?

This article presents a research project conducted by the STEPS Centre, using the WEFE Nexus as a conceptual tool for transdisciplinary engagement…

event 14 Mar 2019

Holistic Water-Energy-Food Nexus for Guiding Water Resources Planning // Matagorda County, Texas Case

By Muhammed I. Kulat, Rabi H. Mohtar and Francisco Olivera. The authors developed a holistic framework to provide sustainable scenarios that include…

event 13 Jan 2019

Nexus Modelling // Involving the Water–Energy–Food Nexus in Integrating Low-Income and Isolated Communities

By Brenda Cansino-Loeza and José María Ponce-Ortega. This work presents a general mathematical programming model for satisfying water, energy, and…

event 04 Jan 2019

Nexus Country Profile // Peru

Peru is located from 0°S to 18°S in western South America; it borders Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil to the east, Bolivia to the…

event 30 Dec 2018

Measuring the Water-Energy-Food Nexus // The Case of Latin America and the Caribbean Region

This paper presents an actual overview of the current state of the water-energy-food (WEF) nexus in Latin American and The Caribbean countries. The…

event 27 Dec 2018

Issue N° 49// Network for Cooperation in Integrated Water Resource Management for Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Issue N° 49 of the Network for Cooperation in Integrated Water Resources Management for Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean,…

event 20 Dec 2018

Case Study Peru // Planning locally, impacting globally – How Water and Wastewater Utilities in Peru are Facing Climate Change

This case is part of a case study series, where the Water-Energy-Climate Nexus supports the transition towards a more sustainable and low-carbon…

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