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The Nexus in the Arab Region Policy Brief // Nexus Technology and Innovation Case Studies

The WEF Nexus in the Arab Region Series is published by the League of Arab States (LAS), with technical and financial support from the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). This policy brief is specifically looking at technology and innovation solution for the Nexus in the Arab region.

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Technology and innovation play a critical role to address the water, energy and food challenges. Introducing innovation, renewable energy and the concept of “circular economy” contribute to improving efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. In general, the introduction of new and appropriate technologies can improve resources efficiency in water, energy and food sectors, and contribute to their collective security and sustainability. However, when introducing a single sector efficiency measure, an economic efficiency evaluation should be made within the WEF nexus framework, otherwise it may backfire and may lead to unintended consequences and spill over effects on the other sectors if not appropriately designed. On the other hand, technological and innovative solutions within the WEF nexus, where two of, or the three components of the nexus are integrated as inputs to each other not only enhance resource efficiency, but also expand the available natural resource base and thus have even more contribution to the sustainability and security of the three sectors. Technological and innovative solutions for the nexus are at their early stages of development in the Arab region.


MENA Nexus Policy Brief - Nexus Technology and Innovation Case Studies (English)

MENA Nexus Policy Brief - Nexus Technology and Innovation Case Studies (Arabic)

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