event 07 Dec 2016

Planning // Water-energy-food (WEF) Nexus Tool 2.0: guiding integrative resource planning and decision-making

By Bassel T. Daher and Rabi H. Mohtar. The paper introduces a framework and set of methodologies that define the linkages between the interconnected resources of water, energy and food, and enable explicit corresponding quantifications. The paper presents a new water–energy–food (WEF) Nexus modelling tool (WEF Nexus Tool 2.0) based on that framework which offers a common platform for scientists and policy-makers to evaluate scenarios and identify sustainable national resource allocation strategies. The tool is applied to a case study focusing on Qatar, a hyper-arid Gulf country.

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Bhaduri, Anik / Claudia Ringler / Ines Dombrowsky / Rabi Mohtar / Waltina Scheumann (eds.), Water International: Sustainability in the water-energy-food nexus (Special Issue), 40 (5-6), 748-771

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