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event 10 juil. 2023

Niger Basin Nexus Acceleration Programme // Article Series No. 11: An intelligent biodigester to meet the challenges posed by the proliferation of household and agricultural waste

With its fast-growing population, the African continent faces a number of challenges, including energy scarcity, deforestation, waste proliferation…

event 24 juin 2022

Nexus Regional Dialogue Central Asia // Nexus approach stimulates collaborative academic and research initiatives in Central Asia

TADJIKISTAN, DUSHANBE – Members of the Network of Academic Societies (NAS) and representatives of scientific institutes in Central Asia discussed…

20221121 3
event 22 nov. 2022

Нексус в Центральной Азии // Шестое заседание Технической рабочей группы по реализации трансграничного демонстрационного проекта «Туямуюнский гидроузел»

Шестое заседание Технической рабочей группы по реализации трансграничного демонстрационного проекта «Туямуюнский гидроузел» прошло в онлайн формате…

UNECE Background Study Transboundary
event 05 janv. 2021

Publication // Background Study on Funding and Financing of Transboundary Water Cooperation and Basin Development

In November 2020 the UNECE published a background study analyzing the key opportunities and challenges related to the financing of transboundary…

event 16 mars 2023

Dialogue Nexus Bassin du Niger // Business Forum UE-Niger 2023

La première édition du Business Forum UE-Niger s’est tenue les 7 et 8 février 2023 à Niamey, dans le but de stimuler l’expansion économique du Niger.…

event 24 janv. 2022

Nexus Regional Dialogue Central Asia // European Union promotes regional water and energy cooperation in the Amu Darya river basin

CENTRAL ASIA – The European Union (EU) continues its efforts to address the issue of siltation at the Tuyamuyun Hydroelectric Complex (THC) that…

event 05 sept. 2022

Programme d'accélération Nexus dans le Bassin du Niger // Série d'articles n° 2 : Présentation des participants

Suite au bootcamp de start-ups Nexus EESA qui a eu lieu en juin, les 5 finalistes entrent maintenant dans le programme d'accélération de 9 mois.…

Screenshot 2023 07 13 113725
event 14 juil. 2023

Research Article // Designing innovative solutions for the Water, Energy and Food Nexus

By Jean-Baptiste Decoppet and colleagues. This report analyses WEF-based applications and business models in the Niger Basin region and the Middle…

IMG 20220616 WA0000 002 crop
event 17 juin 2022

Nexus Regional Dialogue MENA // Launching the Nexus Farms Initiative in Egypt – How to secure food supply and rural livelihoods in the context of climate change

Thursday, the 16th of June 2022 marked the beginning of the Nexus Farm Initiative, which is implemented by our partners at Gebal Egypt and Dendara…

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event 07 déc. 2021

Research Article // A Nexus Approach for the MENA Region—From Concept to Knowledge to Action

By Holger Hoff and colleagues. The nexus approach has the potential to enhance human well-being, while reducing pressures on the environment and…

Nbsinagriculture FAO Nature Conservancy
event 12 mars 2021

Publication // Nature-based solutions in agriculture: Sustainable management and conservation of land, water and biodiversity

By F. Miralles-Wilhelm. This literature review from the FAO and the Nature Conservancy incorporates the application of NbS in agricultural landscapes…

20221129 2
event 29 nov. 2022

Publication // Conclusions report on investment in circular water treatment and renewable energy systems for Latin America and the Caribbean with the Nexus approach

By Alfredo Montañez Velásquez. In accordance with the objective of the contract relating to “Support for research on investment in circular water…

Affiche post event Plan de travail 1
event 23 févr. 2022

News // Joint PHEMAC and NEX-LABS Innovation Week outcomes: strategies and solutions to pave the way towards entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean

From 17 to 20 January 2022, the joint EU-funded NEX-LABS and PHEMAC Innovation Week brought together Euro-Mediterranean researchers, policy makers,…

Miralles Wilhelm Nexus UNECE presentation
event 04 janv. 2021

Presentation // How can water-energy-food-ecosystems nexus investments be an opportunity to finance transboundary water projects?

The Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes (Water Convention), serviced by UNECE, organized the…

20230321 2
event 21 mars 2023

Working Paper // The link between small reservoir infrastructure and farmer-led irrigation: Case Study of Ogun Watershed in Southwestern Nigeria

By Adebayo Olubukola Oke and colleagues. Small water infrastructure in Nigeria needs to be utilized more efficiently. There are over 900 small…

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