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event 14 sept. 2018

Policy Brief // Climate Change and the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the MENA Region

By Rabi H. Mohtar. Understanding the interlinkages between climate change and the water-energy-food securities is critical for developing effective…

event 12 sept. 2018

Financial Challenges of the Nexus // Pathways for Investment in Water, Energy and Agriculture in the Arab World

By Martin Keulertz and Eckart Woertz. The Water–Energy–Food (WEF) nexus is a development challenge in the Arab world, particularly in the ‘core nexus…

event 12 sept. 2018

MENA // Food-Water Security and Virtual Water Trade in the Middle East and North Africa

By Marta Antonelli and Stefania Tamea. The purpose of this study is to analyze the political economy of food-water security in the water-scarce…

event 12 sept. 2018

Assessment // Rapid Assessment of the Water-Energy-Food-Climate Nexus in Six Selected Basins of North Africa and West Asia undergoing Transitions and Scarcity Threats

By Caroline King and Hadi Jaafar. Existing strategies for management of water scarcity in the Middle East and North Africa negotiate a complex system…

event 12 sept. 2018

The Nexus as a Political Commodity // Agricultural Development, Water Policy and Elite Rivalry in Egypt

By Harry Verhoeven. Thinking of the interconnections between water, food, energy and climate is nothing new in the Nile Basin; it has long been…

event 12 sept. 2018

To What End? // Drip Irrigation and the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Morocco

By Guy Jobbins, Jack Kalpakian, Abdelouahid Chriyaa, Ahmed Legrouri and El Houssine El Mzouri. This article draws on three case studies of drip…

event 12 sept. 2018

Energy Cost of Irrigation Policy in Morocco // A Social Accounting Matrix Assessment

By Mohammed Rachid Doukkali and Caroline Lejars. The objective of this study was to assess the consumption and the multiplier effect of the use of…

event 12 sept. 2018

Towards a Water-Energy-Food Nexus Policy // Realizing the Blue and Green Virtual Water of Agriculture in Jordan

By Samer Talozi, Yasmeen Al Sakaji and Amelia Altz-Stamm. Virtual water is an important addendum to how we view a country's water resources. This…

event 03 sept. 2018

Water-Energy-Food Nexus Assessment of Solar Energy Farming Interactions // The Azraq Case in Jordan with Insights from India

By Mohammad Al-Saidi. This report focuses on experiences with solar energy farming (SEF), and in particular the solar energy farming project in the…

event 20 jul. 2018

Nexus in MENA // Mainstreaming the Nexus Approach in Water, Food and Energy Policies in the MENA Region

By Hussein Abaza. There are close linkages between water, food and energy. Policies for the three sectors need to be designed in a coordinated and…

event 28 jun. 2018

Water-Energy-Food-Climate Change Nexus in The Arab Cities // The Case of Amman City, Jordan

By Maha Al-Zu'bi. The primary objective of this research is to propose an integrated climate policy framework for Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) by…

event 18 may. 2018

*الترابط بين الغذاء والهجرة // الأسباب الجذرية للنزوح: انعدام الأمن الغذائي، والنزاع، والهجرة الدولية

أجرى برنامج الأغذية العالمي هذه الدراسة لتحديد الدور الذي يقوم به الأمن لغذائي وعوامل أخرى لإرغام الناس على الهجرة عبر الحدود. وتعبر هذه الدراسة،…

event 15 may. 2018

الترابط بين المياه والطاقة // مجموعة أدوات تشغيلية من الأمم المتحدة (الإسكوا): نموذج نقل التكنولوجيا*

تتناول هذه الوحدة قضايا المياه والطاقة من منظور نقل التكنولوجيا. وقد جرى وضعها في إطار مشروع مموّل من حساب الأمم المتحدة للتنمية بعنوان "تعزيز قدرات…

event 15 may. 2018

UN ESCWA // Water-Energy Nexus Operational Toolkit: Technology Transfer Module

This module, implemented within a United Nations Development Account (DA) project on “Developing the capacities of ESCWA member countries to address…

event 08 may. 2018

Water-Energy Nexus // A Pre-feasibility Study for Mid-east Water-renewable Energy Exchanges

By David Katz and Arkadiy Shafran. In the face of strong population growth, the region’s countries are in need of long-term strategic planning in the…

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