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event 17 Mar 2023

Programme d'accélération Nexus dans le Bassin du Niger // Série d'Article N°4: Accélération des startups lauréates du bootcamp Nexus EESA: Agro-Eco Service

En combinant biochar et compost, le Maggot-compost formulé et commercialisé par Agro-Eco Service contribue à la gestion des déchets organiques…

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event 05 May 2023

Research Article // An approach to cluster the research field of the food-energy-water nexus to determine modeling capabilities at different levels using text mining and cluster analysis

By Reiner Braun and colleagues. This article reviews the existing research of the WEF nexus. Although there was a significant increase in…

Screenshot 2023 06 06 090441
event 06 Jun 2023

Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme // Nexus Newsletter, Issue N° 17, June 2023

The Nexus Newsletter is filled with project updates including activities, milestones and achievements as well as the latest news on the WEF Nexus,…

event 01 Aug 2021

Программа регионального диалога по усилению взаимосвязи в Центральной Азии // Водно-энергетическое сотрудничество в бассейне реки Амударья

Энергетической и водной проблематике придается приоритетное значение в государственной политике и дипломатии Туркменистана, который тесно…

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event 21 Jul 2023

Research Article // A review of globally available data sources for modelling the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

By Jack W. Lodge, Andrew P. Dansie and Fiona Johnson. 'Data hierarchies' were created to assist practitioners and modellers in navigating the…

Screenshot 2024 02 20 084811
event 20 Feb 2024

Research Article // An inclusive approach for integrated systems: Incorporation of climate in the water-food-energy-land nexus index

By Haseeb Akbar and colleagues. This study aims to incorporate climate as an indicator in the already existing water-food-energy-land nexus…

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event 20 Apr 2022

Le Dialogue Régional Nexus // Une approche intersectorielle. Résoudre la problématique Nexus EESA au 9ème Forum mondial de l'eau

Sous la devise "La sécurité de l'eau pour la paix et le développement", le 9ème Forum mondial de l'eau s'est tenu cette année du 21 au 25 mars 2022 à…

event 05 Jul 2022

Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme LAC // Water-Energy-Food Nexus Initiative for territorial planning. A policy dialogue to spark exchange

The Nexus Regional Dialogue Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean, jointly funded by the European Union and the German Ministry for Economic…

Kopie von unbenannte zeichnung
event 31 Dec 2018

Tool // Climate, Land (Food), Energy and Water Systems Approach (CLEWs)

The Climate, Land (Food), Energy and Water systems approach (CLEWs) focuses on assessing interlinkages between resource systems in order to…

event 06 May 2022

Policy Briefing // The Climate–Conflict Nexus in Africa: A Conflict-Sensitive Approach

By Julia Freedberg. This policy briefing recommends that the Global North needs to deliver more climate finance commitments and for African countries…

UNU Flores
event 12 Sep 2022

Job posting // Senior Research Assistant: Resource Nexus for Sustainability Transformations

UNU-FLORES is looking for a part time senior research assistant to join their team in Dresden, Germany. The successful candidate will be working…

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event 12 Apr 2023

Research Article // Energy–Water Management System Based on MPC for a Greenhouse in a Mapuche Indigenous Community

By Alvaro Endo and colleagues. Climate change has made rural environments susceptible to water shortages, impacting crop yields. The implementation…

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event 15 May 2023

Review Papers // Hidden gems: Highlighting underrepresented but valuable knowledge in the water-energy-food nexus

By Caitlin Grady and colleagues. By using a reverse citation systematic review method, this paper highlights lesser known works and perspectives in…

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event 09 Jun 2023

Nexus Regional Dialogue Central Asia // Ensuring food security through improved efficiency of pumping stations in Sughd province of Tajikistan

Part of the country is located at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters above sea level. In this regard, over 50% of the irrigated lands of…

IMG 20230603 WA0147
event 05 Jul 2023

Niger Basin Nexus Acceleration Programme // Article Series No. 8: Clean Energy Services, reducing greenhouse gases and improving ecological footprint

In the context of the Acceleration Programme within the incubator of the 2iE Institute, the start-up Clean Energy Services is supported in the…

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