event 14 Oct 2015

Water-Energy-Food Nexus within the Framework of International Water Law

International water law, which regulates the uses of international watercourses that are situated partly in different states, is a highly topical sector of law. In 2014, two conventions covering the subject matter entered into force globally. At the same time, a water-food-energy Nexus has become part and parcel of the development canon that emphasises the importance of the complex relationship between water, energy and food.

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In this article, it is discussed whether international water law supports the water-food-energy Nexus approach, which aims to reconcile the different water uses in international basins. The analysis also covers the human rights to water and food from the nexus viewpoint. The legal regime of the Mekong River is used as an example of the possibilities and challenges of the nexus approach in international water law. It is concluded that despite its deficiencies international water law provides a very useful platform for the cooperation between States and different sectors that aim at guaranteeing water, food and energy security.


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12 October 2015


Water 2015, 7, 5396-5415.


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