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Resilience // The Nexus in Small Island Developing States

By Liz Thompson. The purpose of this chapter is to consider the benefi t and possible approaches of a strategic formulation and implementation of “the Nexus approach” in SIDS. The development potential of SIDS is constrained by their size and peculiar characteristics. “The Samoa conference suggested that SIDS could … become bellwethers for sustainable development, modeling whole-of-society approaches to renewable energy, waste management and other aspects of sustainability”. The Nexus approach emphasizes the interconnections between common development challenges and common development solutions. The Nexus also provides the opportunity for resource optimization, greater efficiencies and more strategic targeting of development objectives across all sectors.

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Liz Thompson was appointed in 2010 as Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and Executive Coordinator for the UNCSD Rio+20. She is currently Senior Adviser to the UN Secretary-General’s Sustainable Energy for ALL (SE4ALL) initiative. Her experience includes acting as Special Adviser to the President of the UN General Assembly. Liz was an elected parliamentarian and Senator in Barbados where she held a number of ministerial portfolios including Minister of Energy and Environment, and where she led the development of Barbados’ national policies on sustainable development, sustainable energy and a green economy; this latter was the first in the Americas. Her contributions to policy in sustainable development and climate change were recognized when she was awarded UNEP’s Champion of the Earth Award 2008.




The Water, Food, Energy and Climate Nexus: Challenges and an agenda for action. Edited by Felix Dodds and Jamie Bartram. London, New York 2016, pp. 149-162

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