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Publication // Water–Energy–Food Nexus Framework for Promoting Regional Integration in Central Asia

By Olimjon Saidmamatov, Inna Rudenko, Stephan Pfister and Jacek Koziel. This paper focuses on regional integration through the lenses of the Water–Food–Energy (WEF) nexus, a concept putting strong emphasis on cross-sectoral and multi-level interactions as well as on resource interdependencies.

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There is an extensive amount of published research focusing on the Aral Sea basin. In this paper, the authors build upon these different contributions and provide a meta-analysis of the literature of WEF nexus opportunities in Central Asia (CA) countries. This paper contributes to ongoing discussions regarding how the WEF Nexus can represent an opportunity for reinforced collaboration regarding resources management. To do so, focusing on existing literature, this paper first (1) explores how the nexus can be a relevant instrument for regional integration. Second (2), it provides an overview of water, food, energy conditions and challenges in the Aral Sea basin in particular. Third (3), synthesizing existing research, the authors identify critical variables to be considered as hurdles or leverage points for WEF nexus implementation in the Aral Sea basin. Finally (4), we go back to our initial set of questions and identify some possible avenues for future research.


July 2020


Saidmamatov, O.; Rudenko, I.; Pfister, S.; Koziel, J. Water–Energy–Food Nexus Framework for Promoting Regional Integration in Central Asia. Water 2020, 12, 1896.

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