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Project // AWESOME: mAnaging Water, Ecosystems and food across sectors and Scales in the sOuth Mediterranean

With Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA) and funds from the EU, AWESOME aims to develop a decision-analytic platform based on a multi-level, integrated WEF model to better understand multi-sectoral WEF tradeoffs and to capitalize on potential synergies.

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The main objective of AWESOME (mAnaging Water, Ecosystems and food across sectors and Scales in the sOuth Mediterranean) is developing a decision-analytic platform based on a multi-level, integrated WEF model to better understand multi-sectoral WEF tradeoffs and to capitalize on potential synergies, also exploring the interdependencies and feedbacks across a hierarchy of spatial scales, from the macroeconomic development of the Mediterranean region and national scale, to regional planning at river basin scale, down to the single farm. The platform will allow simulating the impacts of alternative WEF planning portfolios composed of regional policies, river-basin strategic planning options, and innovative technological solutions demonstrated at the local scale, to generate shared economic, environmental, and societal benefits.

Advisors to the project come from the World Bank, Group UC Berkeley, University of Oxford, International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), FAO and African Development Bank.


  • A better understanding of tradeoffs, synergies, and nested interdependencies across the WEF Nexus components at different spatial scales, from the whole Mediterranean region, through the river basins scale, to the farm scale
  • A better characterization of opportunities and constraints to the implementation and successful uptake of multi-sectoral WEF portfolios aimed at improving agricultural and environmental sustainability, explicitly accounting for local stakeholders and global events/policies;
  • Improved WEF portfolios aimed at increasing the resilience of the agricultural sector supported by deep engagement with relevant stakeholders including farmers, local business representatives, public authorities, NGOs, policy makers, and citizens;
  • Maximise the project’s impact by fostering the dissemination of knowledge and promoting dialogue, learning, and understanding between sectors, policy makers and stakeholders as well by supporting the acceleration and exploitation of project innovations throughout the Mediterannean region via partner agencies such as EIT Climate-KIC4

AWESOME has a multilievel perspective

  • Macro level: Understanding global trends associated to changing climate and society as modelled at the macro scale.
  • Meso level: Generating future population, food, energy and water scenarios and regional policies to the meso scale.
  • Micro level: Exploring effectiveness of alternative smart food production options.


Work Packages

  • Project Management will ensure the implementation of the project’s strategy and operation, its administrative and financial aspects, the risk and data management.
  • Future Scenarios generation analyzes Demographic and Climatic Conditions, Food and Energy demand and supply scenarios, and Ecosystem services value at the Mediterranean level.
  • Macroeconomic Models for the Mediterranean Region, Economic Value of Marine Services as source for Potable Water will be evaluated and the portability of solutions to other contexts assessed.
  • Meso Level Models identify possible WEF portfolios of standard Water Supply options, new Water and Food production technologies, and plan portfolios under current and projected Water Conditions.
  • Micro Level models show the potential of innovations integrating aquaculture with agriculture to maximize the productivity of a Unit Water in terms of Crop Outcomes and assess its upscaling.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Interaction will embed their perspective using Case Studies and Multi Actor Working Groups, to promote co- creation and learning, impact and Capacity Development.
  • Multi Stakeholder Outreach and targeted materials will ensure the dissemination and communication of results, along with Science Policy outreach and Knowledge Transfer at Mediterranean level.


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