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Policy Brief // Informing national and global responses to shocks to the energy-food-water-environment nexus

This paper by Living With Environmental Change UK (LWEC) asks: "What challenges and opportunities do decision makers need to be aware of in order to find more resilient and inclusive responses to climate and weather related extremes?"

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The concept of the energy-food-water nexus captures interconnections, dependencies and linkages between production and use of environment, energy, food, and water resources. Interlinkages within the “nexus” of environment-energy-food-water resources raise challenges to decision making for stakeholders. Global challenges such as climate change exacerbate issues of resource scarcity, which transcend sectors, scale and geography. Academics, policy makers and practitioners can learn from each other to shape and build more resilient responses to climate and weather related shocks.

Key questions

  • What is the energy-food-water nexus?
  • What are “shocks” to the nexus?
  • Who experiences the impact of nexus shocks and how?
  • What do current national responses to nexus shocks look like?
  • What barriers exist to effective decision making in response to nexus shocks?
  • How could decision makers improve their response to nexus shocks?


August 2016


LWEC The Living With Environmental Change (LWEC) Partnership brings together 22 public sector organisations that fund, carry out and use environmental research and observations. They include the UK research councils, government departments with environmental responsibilities, devolved administrations and government agencies. The private sector is represented by a Business Advisory Board.

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