event 07 Oct 2018

SWWW 2018 Outcomes // Creating Peace through the Water-Energy-Food and Security Nexus Perspective

In many regions, dwindling water and land resources endanger the livelihoods of the population. Often, poor land and water governance and management – such as a lack of transparent, agreed, and ’fair’ access rights – multiplies the negative effects of increased variability. As water becomes less predicable, competition among resource users over the perceived benefits of different uses becomes fiercer. Applying the Nexus perspective can identify future and mitigate existing conflicts from intensifying.

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The SWWW 2018 Outcomes series provides access to key resources and highlights the main takeaways from panel sessions at Stockholm Water Week 2018 related to the water-energy-food Nexus.

The Nexus approach can help mitigate conflicts in water-stressed regions by providing a base for dialogue and aid in assessing underlying drivers (incl. governance and resource demands) and solutions to ameliorate resource competition thereby reducing political instability and migration.



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