Funding for Studies on "Challenges of Water Governance in the Arab Region"

Research Scholarship // Funding for Studies on "Challenges of Water Governance in the Arab Region"

Humboldt University Berlin/Germany calls for applications for joining a Master or PhD/Postdoc programme on water governance in the MENA region. One of the potential research topics is management of the water-land use-agriculture nexus.

The Department of Agricultural Economics at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is participating in the ERASMUS MUNDUS Action 2 projects PEACE I & II. Due to this network it offers mobilities for people originating from or affiliated with universities in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan or people that want to work on these countries.

Potential research areas in the field of water governance are all topics related to understanding and evaluating water management in the Arab region from an institutional and governance perspective, with a focus on, for example:

-Water governance reform, decentralization

-Private sector participation

-Irrigation management reform, groundwater and surface water pollution governance,

-Participation, new water management and planning regimes,

-Initiatives to introduce collective or collaborative water management at the level of single irrigation schemes, groundwaters or (sub-)basins,

-Management of the water-land use-agriculture nexus,

-Implications of renewable energy production schemes for water management.

-Understanding and evaluating the implications of climate change for water governance.

-Understanding and explaining cross regional disparities in performance with the aim of deriving success factors.


Interested parties have the possibility to apply for a full Master or PhD degree scholarship. Moreover the European Union finances research stays at HU Berlin as Post-doc and Staff, as well as stays at the partner universities in the MENA region.

The scholarship covers your travel and visa costs, health insurance and a monthly subsistence allowance. The monthly allowance is:

-Master - 1,000.00 Euro (Duration 22 months)

-Doctorate - 1,500.00 Euro (Duration 24 months

-Post-doc - 1,800.00 Euro (Duration 6 months)

-Staff - 2,500.00 Euro (Duration 1 month)


{documents/new/2013/hu-funding/hu-watergovernance_call-in-call_master.pdf|Call for Master Applications (#s)}

{documents/new/2013/hu-funding/hu-watergovernance_call-in-call_pdh-postdoc.pdf|Call for PhD/Postdoc Applications (#s)}

{documents/new/2013/hu-funding/hu-watergovernance_application_folder.pdf|Application folder (#s)}


Prof. Andreas Thiel (PhD)

Einstein Junior Fellow

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Department of Agricultural Economics



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