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event 17 Feb 2017

Water-Energy-Food Nexus Interview // David Norman, SAB Miller

Interview with David Norman, Senior Manager for Sustainable Development Management, in the context of the IIEA Nexus seminar: "Understanding the…

event 17 Feb 2017

Water-Energy-Food Nexus Interview // Karl Falkenberg, European Commission

Interview with Karl Falkenberg, Director General at the DG Environment at the European Commission, in the context of the IIEA Nexus seminar:…

event 17 Feb 2017

Water-Energy-Food Nexus Interview // Prof. Alan Matthews, Trinity College Dublin

Interview with Alan Matthews, professor em. for agricultural economics at Trinity College Dublin , in the context of the IIEA Nexus seminar:…

event 10 Feb 2017

Video // "Human Water Cycle: Water, Food, & Energy"

Our increasing need for the three vital resources water, food and energy is forcing us to rethink how we manage and use our water supply. The…

event 01 Feb 2017

Interview // Rabi Mohtar on the Nexus of Water, Energy and Food

Dr. Rabi Mohtar, a TEES Endowed Professor at Texas A&M University, College Station, and leader of the water, energy, and food nexus research group,…

event 26 Jan 2017

Video // Water-food Nexus: Tackling Water Scarcity in the Context of Sustainable Development - Technical Briefing

The technical briefing will discuss how countries can address the dilemma of food production under limited water availability. Dr. Pasquale Steduto,…

event 12 Jan 2017

Session Input // “Managing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus” at the Regional Dialogue on Extractive Industry Governance and Infrastructure, ECLAC, Santiago, Chile

Key input by Francisco J. Meza, Director Centro de Cambio Global, Universidad Católica de Chile, audio recording and presentation.

event 09 Jan 2017

Video // Thirst for Power – Managing Two of the World's Most Critical Resources

By Michael Webber. How can we change the way we think about water and energy to secure long-term sustainability of both previous resources?

event 09 Jan 2017

Video // Solar Water Pumping

By the World Bank. Many communities around the world have limited access to water. To reach deep groundwater reserves, diesel generated electricity…

event 14 Oct 2016

Session Video // "Energy, water and food must be looked at holistically, not in isolation"

A recording of a session on the energy-water-food nexus at the 23rd World Energy Congress 2016 in Istanbul

event 12 Oct 2016

MIT Technology Review // To Make Fresh Water without Warming the Planet, Countries Eye Solar Power

By Richard Martin. Solar-powered desalination is ideal—if only the cost comes down.

event 26 Feb 2016

Water-energy-food Nexus - Applications for Agriculture Communities

This presentation by Dr. Rabi Mohtar at the 'Navigating Agriculture through the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Symposium' on November 19, 2015 in Austin,…

event 24 Nov 2015

Video Interview // A Video Interview with Sandra Postel of the Global Water Policy Project at the BSR Conference 2015

At the BSR Conference 2015, we sat down with plenary speakers and sustainability thought leaders to discuss resilience in their organizations and…

event 12 Nov 2015

Video // The other inconvenient truth

by Jonathan Foley at TEDxTC

event 02 Nov 2015

Video // The Nexus between Energy, Food and Water

Live Q&A with Saurav Jha

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