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Research Article // Presenting a conceptual model of water-energy-food Nexus in Iran

By NimaNorouzi. The study aims to provide a conceptual model of water-energy-food interconnection, an attempt to develop the growing literature of this interconnection in Iran. The interconnection, the economic productivity index of water-energy-food was calculated for Iran, the study of which shows that ups and downs have accompanied the mentioned productivity.

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Fig. 1. The relationship between water, food, and energy in the context of politics, climate, and the environment.


Due to the increasing demand for water, energy, and food in the coming decades, the pressure on these three sectors has increased. The importance of a systemic approach to water-energy-food interconnection issues has become more apparent. In this regard, the main purpose of this study is to present a conceptual model of water-food-energy interconnection using a dynamic system for Iran and analyze the factors affecting this relationship. For this purpose, first, each of the sub-sectors of water, food, and energy has been modeled. Finally, integrated conceptual modeling has been done regarding the relationship of each of the mentioned sub-sectors. As an application of the interconnection mentioned above, the economic productivity index of water-energy-food for 2005–2018 has been calculated. The trend of this index in the research results has had ups and downs and since 2011 has gone through an upward and gentle trend; However, it has never reached the index level in 2006. With a systematic-analytic view, to reduce the risk of energy-water-food security, these three parts should be examined in regular operation and coordination with each other. The research findings show the need to pay attention to this link in policymaking and regulation in Iran.


May 2022


Current Research in Environmental Sustainability


Norouzi, N. (2022). Presenting a conceptual model of water-energy-food Nexus in Iran. Current Research in Environmental Sustainability, 4, 100119.


Download the full research article here.

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