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Nexus Principles // The Water, Energy and Food security Nexus Principles

The Water-Energy-Food security Nexus Principles guide towards the application, implementation and operationalisation of the Water-Energy-Food security Nexus (WEF Nexus) approach in different contexts. The Principles were developed by practitioners based on their experience and grounded in research.

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The WEF Nexus Principles are based on the human rights and the Agenda 2030, which serve as fundamental and non-negotiable frameworks for the WEF Nexus approach. They are not a blueprint but rather as a selection of main principles which, to date, proved to be important for a successful mainstreaming and operationalisation of the WEF Nexus approach on different levels and in different regions. The principles are built upon a literature review, the Messages from the Bonn 2011 Conference, and the experiences from the activities of the five Nexus Regional Dialogues: MENA, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Niger Basin, Southern Africa and Central Asia. The document is open for amendments through further lessons learned and exchanges with the global Nexus community and beyond.

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The WEF Nexus Principles


Maria Ana Rodriguez, nexus@giz.de

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