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Virtual conference // Water for Food Global Forum

The Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute presents the “Water for Food Global Forum,” a virtual series of events over a one-month period that will convene leading international experts, growers and organizations to focus on achieving global water and food security. The Forum will focus on integrating knowledge and practice. Topics include climate change, water and nutrient management, food systems and nutrition as well as innovations in agriculture and water management.

About the Water for Food Global Forum

In place of its flagship Water for Food Global Conference, in 2021 the institute is capturing the depth and breadth of its global connections and expertise through a variety of free, virtual events. The Forum will provide an opportunity for individuals with diverse areas of expertise and interest to learn about, collaborate and strategize solutions to pressing issues related to water and food, including those exacerbated by the COVID pandemic.

Each week will focus on specific themes and feature both on-demand and live content, including keynotes from industry leaders, roundtables, farm and facility tours, Q&A/discussions, interactive workshops and networking opportunities. The events will serve as a springboard for future conversations.

Topics will include:

  • Climate change and extreme events
  • Water and nutrient management
  • Food systems and nutrition
  • Innovations and entrepreneurship in agriculture and water management

Registered participants will be able to view all on-demand content and two hours of “live” content each week, as well as additional networking opportunities.


- Peter McCornick

- Rachael McDonnell

- Claudia Sadoff

About the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute

The Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska works to address the global challenge of achieving food security with less stress on water resources through water management in agricultural and food systems.


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Further information

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