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Workshop Report // FEW Nexus Stakeholder Information Sharing and Engagement Workshop

The transfer of scientific knowledge into the hands of the stakeholders who will use these outcomes is an essential part of any project. The San Antonio Stakeholder Engagement Workshop “The Water-Energy-Food Nexus (WEF) Stakeholder Information and Engagement Workshop” took place 10 January 2018, at the Texas A&M University-San Antonio campus.

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Members of the water, energy, and food sectors came from governmental, business, and civil society institutions in the San Antonio region to interact with academia and learn of the outcomes of the work of the Initiative over the last two years. The Workshop was funded by WEFNI and by NSF award 1739977. The research reported there was also funded in part by NSF grant OAC-1638283. It should also be noted that the work with the San Antonio Case Studies will be continued, in part, through NSF 1739977.


  • Overview of Water-Energy-Food Nexus Initiative, Rabi Mohtar
  • Science Panel
    • Moderator: David Baltensperger
    • Panelists: Bruce Mc Carl, Kent Portney, Valentini Papas, Debalina Sengupta
  • Engagement Session: Are we asking the right questions?
  • Engagement Session: Incentives, limitations, and opportunities of working across disciplines?


TAMU Nexus Initiative website


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The Texas A&M WEF Nexus Initiative

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