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Jobs  |  20 Feb 2018

Water-Energy Nexus // Internship on Desalination at UNU-INWEH

As intern at UNU-INWEH, you will collect and synthesize data on the status of desalinated water across countries and regions, search of literature for the economics of desalination, policy and institutional aspects, and environmental trade‐offs, among others, and prepare a draft of the state‐of‐the‐art review and policy brief on the status of desalinated water.› more

News  |  13 Feb 2018

From Isolation to Integration // New UN Report Provides Roadmap to More Sustainable Resource Management

To solve the world’s biggest problems – from climate change to urbanisation to population growth – we must approach environmental solutions in an integrated manner, according to a new report by the United Nations University Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES). The new report “From Isolation to Integration” – released today at UNU-FLORES’s 5th Anniversary Symposium – introduces the Nexus Approach to resource management, outlines capacity gaps that exist in its international implementation, and recommends approaches to implement this concept in the management of environmental resources.› more

News  |   9 Feb 2018

Desalination // Action Group Renewable Energy Desalination contributed to EC positioning paper on Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems Nexus

The Renewable Energy Desalination Action Group, represented by Guillermo Zaragoza from CIEMAT-PSA, participated in the Workshop for the “EC Position Paper on the WEFE Nexus and SDGs” organised by DG DEVCO and JRC on 25-26 January 2018.› more

News  |   9 Feb 2018

21st River Symposium 2018 // Nexus Abstract Submission

The 21st River Symposium will take place 14-17 Oct 2018 in Sydney, Australia. Abstract submission is now open, with the water-energy-food nexus being one of the 2018 topics. Deadline for submission is 23 March 2018.› more

Lectures  |  19 Feb 2018

Lecture // Water-food interlinkages and the Nexus

Lecture by Dr Floor Brouwer, Wageningen University & Research at Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter, introducing the SIM4NEXUS project, a research and innovation action to support nexus-compliant practices in Europe. The project aims to address knowledge and technology gaps and thereby facilitate the design of policies within the Nexus. › more

Lectures  |  19 Feb 2018

Lecture // Insights from the Global Food and Water Nexus

Lecture by Quentin Grafton, chairholder of the UNESCO Chair in Water Economics and Transboundary Water Governance› more

Lectures  |  19 Feb 2018

Lecture // Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment: A Vision to Enable Decentralized Water Treatment and Address Growing Challenges of the Water Energy Nexus

Lecture by Association of Environmental Engineering & Science Professors’ (AEESP) Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Pedro Alvarez› more

Policy Papers  |  20 Feb 2018

Food-Migration Nexus // At the Root of Exodus: Food Security, Conflict and International Migration

This study by the World Food Programme aims at determining the role that food security and other factors play in compelling cross-border migration. Drawn from quantitative and qualitative research, the study gives voice to people who have left their countries of origin.› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  19 Feb 2018

Desalination // Solar desalination coupled with water remediation and molecular hydrogen production: a novel solar water-energy nexus

By Seonghun Kim, Guangxia Piao, Dong Suk Han, Ho Kyong Shonc and Hyunwoong Park. In this article, a novel sunlight-water-energy nexus technology is presented that combines the photoelectrocatalytic (PEC) desalination of saline water and desalination-driven wastewater remediation coupled with the production of molecular hydrogen (H2) from water. › more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  16 Feb 2018

Sustainability // Developing Socio-Techno-Economic-Political (STEP) Solutions for Addressing Resource Nexus Hotspots

The paper of Bassel Daher Rabi H. Mohtar , Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos, Kent E. Portney, Ronald Kaiserand Walid Saad explores the multiple dimensions of water, energy, and food systems and their interaction with government, business and societal players, across different scales. It identifies critical questions and interlinkages across the resource systems and suggests an iterative 3-Filter STEP Framework for vetting solutions that address resource nexus hotspots.› more

21 Feb 2018

Foundation EURACTIV // How Europe can make its water sector energy neutral

Opinion by Mads Warming. The new EU Drinking Water Directive could be the tool to reduce water losses, cut energy consumption and deliver a better quality of water.

› more

11 Dec 2017

Konrad Adenauer Foundation // „Make Water not War“

There can be no talk of mutual trust between Israel and Palestine: US President Trump has just recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and wants to transfer the US Embassy of Tel Aviv there, causing violent protests and violence in the region. From a new Intifada the Palestinians are far away. But beyond the political conflicts, there is still a great deal of willingness for cross-border cooperation in selected policy fields: the region can only meet the serious lack of water and increasing energy demand together.› more

21 Nov 2017

The Nexus: Efficient Approaches

The Sim4nexus and Magic consortia outlines how detailed understanding of the Nexus – water, land, energy, food, climate – can facilitate decision making. Even though the concept of the integrated management of natural resources such as water, energy, food and land has been in use for years, the complex interlinkages and interdependencies amongst these individual resources have not been given due importance in the development and implementation of this concept. › more