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Nexus News

News  |  14 Oct 2016

New Nexus Country Profile for Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan

TH Cologne - University of Applied Sciences has developped a new fact sheet format with nexus information for African countries of the Eastern Nile region. The Nexus Country Profiles represent a policy-oriented assessment tool using sheets of key indicators on resource uses on a country level. They depict the profiles of each sector and capture the interlinks to other sectors considering development factors and resource use trends in the respective country. › more

News  |   6 Oct 2016

Urban Nexus // How can cities reduce water-energy nexus pressures?

By Robert C. Brears. Cities over the past century have become the driving force of the global economy. Accounting for over half the world’s population and generating around 80% of global GDP, cities provide numerous opportunities for development and growth. Cities however bring about risks and challenges to people and the environment.› more

News  |  30 Sep 2016

Resilience // The Hidden Risk in the Energy-Water-Food Nexus

By Christoph Frei. As the infrastructure for energy supply and demand continues to develop around the world, it will be critical to strengthen its resilience in order to withstand and mitigate risks to ensure supply to support economic growth. Extreme weather events have increased by a factor of four over the past 30 years. Cyber threats keep energy leaders in Europe and North America awake at night. Ninety-eight percent of power supply depends on the availability of water in an increasingly water-stressed world. With accelerating energy systems integration, resilience is no longer just about returning single assets to full operation after a disruptive event.› more

News  |  29 Sep 2016

Research // National Science Foundation (NSF) invests $72 million in innovations at nexus of food, energy and water systems

To help secure the future of food, energy, and water systems while maintaining vital ecosystem services, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded more than $72 million for fundamental science and engineering research. The investments are part of the NSF Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water Systems program, known as INFEWS.› more

Upcoming Nexus Events

Event  |  17 Oct 2016

King's College // The Food-Water-Energy Nexus in the Middle East and North Africa

Mark Mulligan, Tony Allan, and a number of King’s Water members will speak at a Public Event on the "Middle East and North Africa Regional Architecture" (MENARA-Project) exploring the water-food-energy nexus in the region.› more

Conferences, Forums and Symposiums  |  13 Oct 2016

Symposium // Perspectives at the Water-Energy-Climate Nexus

How can we continue to meet our essential water and energy needs? — How can we ensure safe and reliable resource provision to cities while protecting residents from adverse impacts, such as flooding? — How can we simultaneously increase the efficiency and resilience of energy and water use? — How can local communities and governments best work together to solve these challenges?› more

Conferences, Forums and Symposiums  |   7 Oct 2016

World Water Congress 2016 // Water and Energy Nexus

Water And Energy Integrated Planning And Capacity Building - Energy Implications Of The Millennium Drought On The Urban Water Cycles In Southeast Australian Cities - Reducing Energy Use For Water Supply To Urban China's High-rises - Utilization Of Renewable Energy In Metropolitan Waterworks› more

New Nexus Resources

Infographics  |  17 Oct 2016

The Water-Land Nexus // Performance of Large Irrigation Schemes using the Example of the Gezira Scheme in Sudan

Worldwide, economic growth and changing lifestyles raise the demand for food production by almost 100% in 2050. Expanding irrigation is seen as a necessary step to meet this future pressure. In large irrigation schemes, crop productivity and efficiency in the use of inputs like water can be controlled and improved. However, many of such schemes in developing countries suffer from low performance and management failures. › more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  16 Oct 2016

Research // Towards Understanding the Integrative Approach of the Water, Energy and Food Nexus

By Mohammad Al-Saidi and Nadir Ahmed Elagib. The water, energy and food nexus (WEF nexus) is currently quite popular in environmental management. The concept found a fertile ground in science and policymaking, but there is no consistent view on the meaning of integration within the nexus.› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  14 Oct 2016

Sustainability Science // Research Priorities for Managing the Impacts and Dependencies of Business upon Food, Energy, Water and the Environment

The authors have convened senior research scientists and influential business leaders to collaboratively identify the top forty questions that, if answered, would best help companies understand and manage their food-energy-water-environment nexus dependencies and impacts. Codification of the top order nexus themes highlighted research priorities around development of pragmatic yet credible tools that allow businesses to incorporate nexus interactions into their decision-making; demonstration of the business case for more sustainable nexus management; identification of the most effective levers for behaviour change; and understanding incentives or circumstances that allow individuals and businesses to take a leadership stance. Greater investment in the complex but productive relations between the private sector and research community will create deeper and more meaningful collaboration and cooperation.› more

Nexus in the Media

18 Oct 2016

My Statesman // New book explores relationship between water and energy

Water needs energy; energy needs water. That simple fact is at the heart of a new book by University of Texas mechanical engineering associate professor Michael Webber. The book, called “Thirst for Power,” takes a big picture look at the vulnerabilities, in Texas and elsewhere, on the increasingly intertwined energy and water systems. Austin Energy, for instance, uses more water than any other city department.› more

18 Oct 2016

nature // Scientific buzzwords obscure meaning

‘Nexus’ is enjoying new-found popularity. But what does it actually mean? Perhaps, like the most distant stars, the nexus is best viewed only with peripheral vision: we can see it’s there, but we shouldn’t focus our gaze directly on it lest its true nature slips from view. And, at the very least, it shows that we should choose our buzzwords with care. › more

18 Oct 2016

The Guardian // Is using less water the secret to cutting our greenhouse gas emissions?

California, which uses 20% of its electricity in supplying water, just passed a law to collect emissions data from water utilities› more