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News  |  10 Oct 2017

Kofi Annan // Delivering water, food and energy security for all

"We need to explore how the water, food, and energy nexus can support agricultural development and food and nutrition security," says Kofi Annan, speaking at the ‘Making Waves’ conference in Afsluitdijk, the Netherlands, on 7 September 2017.› more

Jobs  |   9 Oct 2017

NSF-funded Graduate Student Opportunities // "Bridging Divides across the Food, Energy, and Water Nexus" at University of Montana, USA

Applicants are sought for a NSF-funded graduate traineeship (National Research Traineeship; NRT) at the University of Montana, UM BRIDGES: Bridging Divides across the Food, Energy, and Water Nexus. Fellowships are available for PhD and MS students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) disciplines, including in the Departments of Ecosystem & Conservation Sciences, Geosciences, Economics, Environmental Studies, Forest Management, and Society & Conservation. › more

News  |  28 Sep 2017

Asia // Water, Energy, Food can’t be seen separately

By Joydeep Gupta. Climate change is making it imperative that the nexus between the three is integrated into all development plans. You need water and energy to grow food. You need water to generate energy, even in a solar farm. You need energy to pump water. The water-energy-food nexus is a no-brainer, so why is it so often ignored? The answer depends on who’s answering.› more

News  |  26 Sep 2017

Research // NSF awards $36.6 million in new food-energy-water system grants

The US National Science Foundation supports research into how to provide food, energy and water security for Earth's increasing population.› more

Workshops  |   5 Oct 2017

EMG Nexus Dialogues Series // Strengthening partnerships between the environmental and humanitarian sectors in the context of the humanitarian change agenda and the SDGs

The second EMG (UN Environment Management Group) Nexus Dialogue to be held on 19 Oct 2017 in Geneva willbring UN agencies and other stakeholders closer together in identifying further synergies and partnerships at the intersection of the different Goals, and subsequently supporting the implementation of the environmental dimension of the 2030 Agenda in a more coherent and collaborative manner. › more

Lectures  |   5 Oct 2017

12th SDEWES Conference // Lecture "Implementing More Effective Tools to Analyse the Sustainability of Social-Ecological Systems in Relation to the Water-Energy-Food Nexus"

Lecture by Mario Giampietro, ICREA Research Professor at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), at the 12th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems – SDEWES Conference, held at Dubrovnik › more

Event  |   5 Oct 2017

MENA // Water Energy Food Nexus Policy Dialogue

This Policy Dialogue Meeting is organised by the American University of Beirut and the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, with financial support by the government of the Netherlands, and will take place in Amman and Beirut. Its short term aim is to identify modalities for regional cooperation or collaboration using the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Approach as a vehicle. › more

Projects  |  13 Oct 2017

Graduate Training // UM BRIDGES: Bridging divides across the food-energy-water nexus

UM BRIDGES is a graduate training program at the University of Montana focused on the food‐energy‐ water (FEW) nexus. UM BRIDGES trains graduate students to conduct cutting‐edge and cross‐sector research on complex FEW problems, and prepares these students to succeed in a range of science and science‐related jobs through an innovative, interdisciplinary program. The training program comprises coursework, seminars, and workshops and provides opportunities for international and interdisciplinary collaboration and research. Trainees are also eligible for funding support for various FEW‐related activities.› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |   9 Oct 2017

Project Report // Mainstreaming the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus into Sectoral Policies and Institutions in the Arab Region

By Holger Hoff and Anne Ulrich. Using a cross-sectoral (horizontally integrated) and multi-level (vertically integrated) approach this study has worked at the regional and national levels to identify entry points, processes and partners for WEF nexus mainstreaming in the MENA region and value-adding to regional and national policies and institutions there while contributing to integrated SDG implementation and climate change adaptation and mitigation. At national level, three pilot countries were selected, namely Egypt, Morocco and Jordan. In close cooperation with various sectoral and cross-sectoral institutions, the study developed a network of partners, a Nexus Evidence Base and National and Regional Guidelines for nexus mainstreaming in policies and institutions.› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  26 Sep 2017

Report // The Land-Water-Energy Nexus - Biophysical and Economic Consequences

This report contributes to the discussion of interconnections between scarce resources by highlighting the nexus between land, water and energy (the LWE nexus). It focuses on a dynamic, integrated, and disaggregated analysis of how land, water and energy interact in the biophysical and economic systems. The report provides projections for the biophysical and economic consequences of nexus bottlenecks until 2060, highlighting that while the LWE nexus is essentially local, there can be significant large-scale repercussions in vulnerable regions, notably on forest cover and in terms of food and water security.› more

6 Oct 2017

The Independent // Water evaporation could provide vast amounts of renewable energy, find scientists

By Ian Johnston. A machine has been invented that can turn the movement of bacterial spores as air humidity changes into electricity› more

1 Sep 2017

Water-Energy Nexus // Turkey tests first floating 260 kW solar power plant in Istanbul

Turkey got its first floating solar plant on August 4 when a solar array of 250 kW became operational on lake Buyukcekmece lake outside Istanbul as a test which could lead to more similar facilities on lakes and reservoirs. The floating power plant was set up by Istanbul Energy and the Istanbul Water and Sewage department (ISKI) under a tender published in August 2016.› more

31 Aug 2017

tagesschau // 160,000 solar panels on the water

In Huainan, China, a very special solar power plant has been put into operation. Where only a few farmers lived a few years ago, some 160,000 solar modules are now swimming on a lake. The floating power plant has advantages, but also disadvantages.› more