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Tools and Databases

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Tools and Databases  |  13 Apr 2018

Tools // Nexus Tools Platform: An Interactive Platform for Inter-model Comparison of Existing Modelling Tools

By UNU-FLORES. No single modelling tool is available or conceivable that covers all processes, interactions and drivers in the Water-Soil-Waste Nexus. Instead, a vast number of models are available and in use addressing...› more

Tools and Databases  |  15 Feb 2018

Toolbox // Solar-powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS)

The Toolbox on Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS) is designed to enable advisors and practitioners in the field of solar irrigation to provide broad hands-on guidance to end-users, policy-makers and financiers.› more

Tools and Databases  |  17 Nov 2017

FE2W // Guide to the Risks and Options Assessment for Decision Making (ROAD) Process

The Risks and Options Assessment for Decision-Making (ROAD) process enables decision-makers to understand and manage complex risks across connected food-energy-environment-water systems. This Guide supports the use of the ROAD...› more

Tools and Databases  |   8 Feb 2017

Tools/Documentation // Developing the Pardee RAND Food-Energy-Water Security Index Tools - Toward a Global Standardized, Quantitative, and Transparent Resource Assessment

More than 2 billion people around the world, especially in developing countries, do not have access to high-quality services related to food, water, and energy. To provide information to development agencies and efforts focused...› more

Tools and Databases  |   8 Feb 2017

Tools // Pardee RAND Food-Energy-Water Index

The interactive Pardee RAND Food-Energy-Water Index enables the measurement of the current state of food, water, and energy security and allows for analysis of these topics under future scenarios. It allows those interested in...› more

Resource  |  12 Jan 2017

Modelling & Assessment // The development of the energy, water and food nexus systems model

By Tareq Al-Ansari. The objective of this thesis is to present the details and function of the EWF Nexus environmental assessment tool, and illustrate its implementation through a specific food security scenario in Qatar. The EWF...› more

Resource  |   7 Dec 2016

Planning // Water-energy-food (WEF) Nexus Tool 2.0: guiding integrative resource planning and decision-making

By Bassel T. Daher and Rabi H. Mohtar. The paper introduces a framework and set of methodologies that define the linkages between the interconnected resources of water, energy and food, and enable explicit corresponding...› more

Tools and Databases  |  18 Nov 2016

Water-Energy Nexus // UN ESCWA Regional Policy Toolkit for the Arab Region

The water and energy nexus regional policy toolkit was prepared as part of the United Nations Development Account (UNDA) project on developing the capacity of ESCWA Member Countries to address the water and energy nexus for...› more

Tools and Databases  |   4 Nov 2016

Education // "Perspectivity Challenge" Game

The "Perspectivity Challenge" is an educational group game to raise awareness on a number of sustainability issues, the water-energy-food nexus being one at its core. The game is played in workshops run by Perspectivity, a group...› more

Tools and Databases  |  18 Aug 2016

Tool // Integrated SDG Planning Model iSDG

The iSDG is a comprehensive simulation tool that generates country-specific development scenarios to show the implications of policy on a country’s progress towards the SDGs. › more

Tools and Databases  |  26 Jan 2016

Tool // WEF Nexus Tool 2.0

The tool allows the user to create different scenarios with varying food self-sufficiencies, water sources, energy sources, and countries of import. The output includes a summary of: Water requirements (m3), local energy...› more

Water Efficiency Toolkit
Tools and Databases  |  20 Dec 2014

Toolkit // Water Efficiency Toolkit

EDF, AT&T and GEMI have developed a set of tools and resources that can help organizations build their own program to reduce water and energy use.› more

The Water Risk Filter
Tools and Databases  |  29 Oct 2014

Tool // The Water Risk Filter

The "Water Risk Filter" is the first tool to quantify water-related risks for all industries in all countries. This tool helps companies and investors ask the right questions about water. It allows you to assess risks and offers...› more

China Europe Water Platform (CEWP)
Tools and Databases  |  23 Oct 2014

Platform // China Europe Water Platform (CEWP)

The objective of China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) is to ensure water security in urban areas through better understanding and management of the water, energy, food nexus by promoting policy dialogue, joint research and business...› more

Foreseer Beta available for access
Tools and Databases  |  24 May 2014

Software Tool // Foreseer Beta available for access

The Foreseer Tool visualises energy, water and land resource futures through a set of Sankey diagrams which show the flow from basic resource (e.g. coal, surface water, and forested land) through transformations (e.g. fuel...› more

"Small Hydro World" Knowledge Platform
Tools and Databases  |  16 Feb 2014

Database // "Small Hydro World" Knowledge Platform

A new web-based knowledge sharing portal on small hydropower that features best practices from different regions of the world has been launched by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the...› more

NEXUS Assessment: Application of a Multi-Scale Integrated Approach
Tools and Databases  |  27 Nov 2013

Tool // NEXUS Assessment: Application of a Multi-Scale Integrated Approach

The nexus-assessment website presents the results of the application of an integrated analysis approach, the Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Societal and Ecosystem Metabolism (MuSIASEM), to the nexus between energy, food, land...› more

Agricultural Exposure to Water Stress
Tools and Databases  |   4 Nov 2013

Interactive Map // Agricultural Exposure to Water Stress

This interactive map shows the competition for and depletion of water in major agricultural areas. On a click, you get the baseline water stress in major crop producing areas. Baseline water stress is measure of demand and supply...› more

The Potential of System Dynamics Modelling in Assessing Global Water-Energy-Food Security Issues
Tools and Databases  |  24 Apr 2013

WIKI Platform // The Potential of System Dynamics Modelling in Assessing Global Water-Energy-Food Security Issues

An atricle about the options of System Dynamics Modelling (SDM) for water-food-energy modelling.› more

Foreseer - Future Resource Pathways
Tools and Databases  |  16 Apr 2013

Planning Tool // Foreseer - Future Resource Pathways

"The Foreseer tool visualises linked energy, water and land resource futures by outputting a set of Sankey diagrams for energy, water and land, showing the flow from basic resource (e.g. coal, surface water, and forested land)...› more

Results 1 - 20 / 33