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Projects  |  27 Mar 2017

Project // "Projekt NeXus of Water, Food and Energy" at TU Munich

Project target is to develop an English Master’s degree program in the NeXus field at the TU München. With contacts and through joint Bachelor- and Master-theses the transdisciplinary Nexus research should be initiated in a...› more

Infographics  |  24 Mar 2017

Water-Energy Nexus // Infographic: How energy and water are intrinsically linked

By GE Look ahead. It takes water to produce energy. Renewable energy sources like solar or wind are the most water efficient ways to produce electricity. Energy is also increasingly used to produce freshwater. The International...› more

Videos  |  23 Mar 2017

Video Lecture // The "perfect storm revisited": food, energy and water security in the context of climate change

Some five years ago Sir John Beddington, Senior Adviser at the Oxford Martin School, raised the concept of "The Perfect Storm" in which the issues of food, water and energy security needed to be addressed at the same time as...› more

Slides  |  23 Mar 2017

Presentation // Solar irrigation in the MENA region

By International Water Management Institute (IWMI). Presented by IWMI’s Alvar Closas at the IWMI/WLE led session on "Solar irrigation in the MENA region" at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA), on 21 March 2017› more

Slides  |  21 Mar 2017

(Re-)Connect the Nexus // Using mobile technologies to explore the food-water-energy nexus

By Peter Kraftl, Sophie Hadfield-Hill, John Horton and Ben Coles. Interdisciplinary methodologies: Across scales and cultures workshop, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham, 7 June 2016› more

Projects  |  21 Mar 2017

Youth & Nexus Project // (Re)Connect the Nexus (Brazil)

This ESRC and FAPESP funded research project aims to examine young people's (aged 10-24) understandings, experiences and participation in the food-water-energy nexus in Brazil. › more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |  20 Mar 2017

FAO // How Access to Energy Can Influence Food Losses

By Manas Puri. The report begins by reviewing the evidence to date focussing on the magnitude and geographical distribution of food losses. In the next sections the role of energy in post-harvest losses is discussed. Thereafter,...› more

Organisations & Networks  |  15 Mar 2017

CECAN // Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus (UK)

CECAN, a £3m national research centre hosted by the University of Surrey, brings together a coalition of experts to address Nexus issues in policy making and evaluation. CECAN will pioneer, test and promote innovative evaluation...› more

Policy Papers  |  14 Mar 2017

The Energy-Water-Food Nexus and Climate Change: Implications for Policy-making, Research, and Business

By Mohamed Behnassi. Energy, water and food resource systems are critically inter depended. Energy is needed to produce food and to treat and move water; water is needed to cultivate food crops and to generate many forms of...› more

Implementation and Case Studies  |  13 Mar 2017

Case Study // Modeling the water-energy nexus: how do water constraints affect energy planning in South Africa?

By the World Bank. This research focuses on incorporating a representation of water supply and infrastructure costs into an energy systems model (SATIM-W) to better reflect the interdependent nature of the energy-water nexus in...› more

Resource  |   9 Mar 2017

Policy Brief // The Climate-Energy Nexus and the G20: Compatible or mutually exclusive?

By Lina Li, Julia Melnikova and Dennis Tänzler from adelphi. The article outlines the current and the future role of the climate-energy nexus in the G20. › more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |   6 Mar 2017

Research // Leveraging agroecology for solutions in food, energy, and water

By Marcia DeLonge and Andrea Basche. Global agriculture is facing growing challenges at the nexus of interconnected food, energy and water systems, including but not limited to persistent food insecurity and diet-related...› more

Policy Papers  |   6 Mar 2017

Policy Brief // Achieving Water, Energy and Food Security in Indonesia

By Helen Bellfield, David Sabogal, Jeni Pareira, Adi Gangga and Matt Leggett. This report analyses policy coherence and trade-offs in Indonesia’s development agenda and its emissions reduction targets using a water-energy-food...› more

Implementation and Case Studies  |   3 Mar 2017

Case Study // Del Monte Philippines harvests energy from food process water

A waste-to-energy project undertaken by the world's largest integrated pineapple operation, Del Monte Philippines Inc. (DMPI), has exceeded even the high effluent quality targets originally set for the job. The Global Water...› more

Videos  |   3 Mar 2017

Water-Energy Nexus // The fight for water in Kenya

Report by Deutsche Welle. Hydropower plants are causing parts of Kenya's Tana River to dry up. Scientists are trying to ensure there's enough water for everyone relying on the body of water. › more

Projects  |   1 Mar 2017

Project // "Dŵr Uisce - Energy Efficiency in Water Services"

Water-Energy Nexus Project at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and Bangor University (UK). There is significant scope to improve the energy efficiency of the distribution of water resources in Ireland and Wales. The Dŵr Uisce project...› more

Research Papers, Publications and Books  |   1 Mar 2017

Research // Improvement of the Water-Energy Nexus and the Environmental Performance of Water Supply Systems Using Smart ICT Solutions

By Jorge Helmbrecht, Matthias Maier, Esteban Muñoz Morillo, Dirk Kühlers and Karl Roth. In this paper, an application of an intelligent software solution is presented. WatEner, a smart Information and Communication Technology...› more

Policy Papers  |  28 Feb 2017

Report // Energy Water Nexus (EWN) Strategic Roadmap

The EWN roadmap focuses on the interdependency between energy and water and identified opportunities for the Midwest region, M-WERC, The Water Council, and their members to further develop their leadership role in this emerging...› more

Policy Papers  |  28 Feb 2017

Governance // Natural Resource Governance at Multiple Scales in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

By Susan Sellars-Shrestha, Amy Sellmyer and Christopher. Human efforts to address poverty, enhance welfare, and conserve natural resources and the environment often fail because of faulty governance and implementation....› more

Slides  |  21 Feb 2017

Research Presentation // "How Food, Energy, & Water Converge in the Southwest"

University of Arizona researchers are researching the Water-Energy-Food Nexus, exploring ways to address its scientific, technological, and societal challenges. In part, this is due to the UA’s location in the hottest of the...› more

Results 1 - 20 / 1141