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Research // Scenarios Framing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Challenges in the Mediterranean Area

By Rafael Rodriguez-Clemente. The water-food-energy nexus is a challenge in the Mediterranean area where the effect of climate change and unintended consequences of policies seeking to solve one part of the nexus end up worsening another. A nexus oriented approach meaning integration, inclusion, trans-sectoral vision as well as innovation, which are the basic key to sustainability, is needed to understands the interlinkages and inter-dependencies across water, energy and food sectors through a holistic framework that explicitly defines interactions between systems and the effect one has on another.

However, such interactions in the actual frame could be synergetics or antagonistic, and care must be taken to analyze the local circumstances in the handling of the three nexus components before defining possible actions with a nexus vision.


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December 2017


Journal of Water Resources and Ocean Science, Volume 6, Issue 6, December 2017, Pages: 90-97

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