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event 17 Oct 2019

Nexus Interview Series // Introducing the Nexus Dialogue Programme and the People behind it: Luca Ferrini

With this interview series, we aim to provide a better picture about the people working for the Nexus Dialogue Programme and their individual…

event 02 Oct 2019

Atelier Nexus // Atelier sur l’Eau, la Paix et de la Sécurité, Bamako (Mali), du 2 au 4 Juillet 2019

Cet article présente les résultats de l'atelier sur l'eau, la paix et la sécurité, Bamako (Mali), 2-4 juillet 2019. L'atelier a été facilité par le…

event 08 Apr 2019

AFRICA 2019 Conference // Session Outcome on Nexus Securities for Populations affected by Multi-purpose Dams

By Luca Ferrini and Dr Miroslav Marence. The Nexus Dialogue in the Niger basin delivered an important presentation and conference paper to the AFRICA…

event 16 Oct 2018

Dialogue Régional Bassin du Niger // Atelier National d’Appropriation de l’Approche Nexus Eau-Energie-Sécurité Alimentaire

Par Paloukoussoukou Karamoa. Le Niger, pays enclavé du Sahel étendue une superficie de plus de 1,2 million de km², subit de plein fouet les sévères…

event 16 Oct 2018

Regional Dialogue Niger Basin // National Workshop on the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus Approach

By Paloukoussoukou Karamoa. Niger, a landlocked country in the Sahel covering an area of more than 1.2 million km², is suffering the full impact of…

event 27 Jun 2018

Nexus Bassin du Niger // Réaliser la Vision Partagée du Bassin du Niger en Tirant Parti de Sa Force Intersectorielle

Par Claudia Ringler. Le bassin du fleuve Niger dans les régions arides d'Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre, qui abrite plus de 130 millions de…

event 27 Jun 2018

Nexus Niger Basin // Achieving the Niger Basin Shared Vision by Drawing on its Cross-sectoral Strength

By Claudia Ringler. The Niger River Basin in arid West and Central Africa, home to more than 130 million people across nine countries, is in a buzz…

event 12 Jun 2018

Atelier Nexus à Bamako// Mieux structurer ce que nous savons déjà

Par Richard Sagno. L'atelier Nexus à Bamako les 2 et 3 mai 2018 a réuni plus de 40 professionnels pour discuter du Nexus et partager leur expérience…

event 11 Jun 2018

Nexus Workshop in Bamako // Better Structuring of What We Already Know

By Richard Sagno. The Nexus Workshop in Bamako on 2-3 May 2018 brought together more than 40 professionals to discuss the Nexus and share their…

event 17 Apr 2018

Second Nexus Executive Steering Committee Meeting // Supporting Regions, Countries and Cities

By Isabel Pasternack, Susanne Schmeier and Tina Schmiers. The second Executive Steering Committee Meeting of the Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme…

event 20 Nov 2017

Dialogue Nexus eau-énergie-sécurité alimentaire // Premier atelier régional de dialogue Nexus dans le bassin du Nigern

Par Luca Ferrini. Le premier atelier régional de dialogue Nexus eau-énergie-sécurité alimentaire dans le bassin du Niger a eu lieu à Niamey le 18 et…

event 13 Nov 2017

Nexus Dialogues Workshop // The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Niger Basin

By Luca Ferrini. Increasing demand for water, energy and soil resources, and competing uses in the context of climate variability, population growth…

event 13 Jun 2017

SADC-EU Water-Energy-Food Nexus Project Inception Workshop rouses interest among key partners in the region

National Development Plans of African Countries set ambitious targets in a variety of sectors including water, food and energy. In order to avoid…

event 05 Dec 2016

Vacancy // Advisor (f/m) NEXUS Water Energy Food (WEF) in Niger

A WEF nexus advisor is wanted for the GIZ programme "Support to the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) and the Water Policy Sector Programme, initiated a…

event 29 Sep 2016

Water-Climate Nexus // Calming the Waters: Why We Need to Better Integrate Climate and Water Policy

By Sabine Blumstein. According to a new report from adelphi, launching at the 2016 World Water Week in Stockholm, transboundary river basins need…

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