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event 17 avr. 2013

Video // Nexus Dialogue: What Does the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus Mean to You?

This video, by the IUCN is a part of the Nexus Interview Series, centres around the question "What does the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus mean to…

event 16 avr. 2013

Video // The Value of Soil

This film by the ELD Initiative depicts the value of productive land in provision of ecosystem services and goes on to show the current rapid…

event 14 mars 2013

Video // A Systems Approach to Modelling Water-Energy-Food Nexus

this video introduces ANEMI, a dynamic model system for effectively considering the interactions between water, energy and food in a complex…

event 15 févr. 2013

Video // Sustainable Business: Water, Food and Energy Nexus Part Two

The second Guardian Nexus Debate, in association with SAB Miller, focuses on food and water in producing energy.

event 23 janv. 2013

Lecture Series - Webinar // "The Role of Scarcity in Global Virtual Water Flows"

"Water scarcity is affecting other sectors which heavily rely on the availability of water supplies. Water is an important determinant of food…

event 11 janv. 2013

Video // Larry Swatuk on the Water-Energy-Food "Nexus"

Filmed at the STEPS/Soas "Not another nexus" event, October 2012.

event 09 janv. 2013

Video // The WaterPost2015 Webisode Series: Episode 1

Conducted at the High-Level African Dialogue on the Water-Food-Energy Nexus in Nairobi, Kenya, experts interviewed stress the necessity of Water in a…

event 07 déc. 2012

Video // The New Approach in Water Management: The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus

A Nexus presentation by Fritz Holzwarth, BMZ, at the EU Water Blueprint Conference, 26-27 Nov 2012 in Nicosia

event 26 nov. 2012

Lecture Series - Webinar // "Biomass for Energy: The Water Footprint for Biodiesel"

The concept of water footprint has been around for some time now and led to valuable debates about the interlinks between consumption patterns,…

event 29 oct. 2012

Lecture Series - Webinar // "Eco-Innovation for Greening Growth"

The sustainable and integrated management of the resources land, water and energy is indispensable for any future development strategy. The way to…

event 26 sept. 2012

Video // Solutions for a Food-Secure World

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2012 - Andy Wales (SABMiller) reports from the session on food security: The…

event 24 sept. 2012

Video // Managing Water - More Food, Higher Incomes

The AgWater Solutions Project, led by IWMI, explored how innovations in on-farm water management could help smallholder farmers. In Ghana, one of the…

event 21 sept. 2012

Video // Implementing the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus in the Nile Basin

Presentation video of Abby Onencan, Nile at the World Water Week 2012

event 21 sept. 2012

Video // Implementing the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus in the Nile Basin

Presentation video of Guy Pegram, Pegasys, at the World Water Week 2012

event 17 sept. 2012

Video // Rethinking Human Security: The Nexus on the Ground

In the final installment of the Global Resource Nexus Series, Junior Fellow Corey Johnson examines the everyday politics behind resource allocation…

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