event 01 nov. 2020

Policy Brief // The WEF Nexus Approach: An Imperative Enabler for Sustainable Development in the MENA Region

By Waleed Khalil Al-Zubari, Khalid Nahar Alrwis. This Policy Brief suggests four recommendations to foster the WEF Nexus approach in the MENA region.

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The water-energy-food (WEF) nexus approach has been widely accepted in the MENA countries as an appropriate solution for the sustainable management of these three vital sectors in reducing their trade-offs and building synergies. However, progress in its implementation in the region remains limited and faces many constraints related to the enabling environment. Four recommendations are presented. First, establishing a research network to bridge the nexus science-policy interface gap. Second, creating a forum for nexus governance best practices to bridge the institutional framework gap. Third, establishing collaborative capacity-building programs to bridge the nexus capacity gap. Finally, forming R&D teams to promote nexus technology implementation and incentivize the private sector to bridge the nexus investment gap


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