event 25 ene. 2017

Podcast // The Water-Energy-Food Nexus

An "Entrepreneurship Saturday" with Michael Morford. The tragedy in Flint, Michigan created a public outcry that got policy makers to ask questions on what to do about the state of water quality in municipalities. Concerned about the national security implications of the availability of potable water, Michael Morford is working to improve water treatment technologies which have not significantly changed in the last 50 years.

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Key Takeaways

  • Sometimes chemicals in water supplies only 6 miles apart can be drastically different
  • Many regions in the southwest United States are struggling with clean water supplies due to droughts
  • The technologies to clean water has not been much improved in 50 years
  • Work until you have no more time left – wait to hire until things are not getting done

About Michael Morford

Michael Morford is CEO of The Bison Group, an Oklahoma-headquartered privately-held company with a long-term focus on environmental and water scarcity issues. A former U.S. Army Captain and Iraqi War Veteran, he is a Fellow for the Truman National Security Project. He is a sought-after speaker for his understanding of the complexities facing the Water-Energy Nexus. An Oklahoma native, Michael is married to his wife Megan and has three children, Ava, Hayes, and Finley.

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