event 19 oct. 2020 time 14:00 CEST (Geneva) location Online

Online Event // Capacity-building Workshop on Sustainable Renewable Energy Investment and Deployment

The UNECE provides a peer-learning dialogue on the Water-Energy Nexus with a focus on the Caucasus, Central Asia and Eastern and South Eastern Europe. Explore together with government officials, experts and other stakeholders how the presented toolkit for sustainable renewable energy investment and deployment can be applied and adapted for UNECE subregions.

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The objective of the workshop is to explore together with Government officials, experts and other stakeholders how the UNECE toolkit for sustainable renewable energy investment and deployment can be used and adapted across subregions. This event is a preparation for the meetings of the Task Force on the Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystems Nexus (22-23 October 2020) and of the Committee on Sustainable Energy (25-27 November 2020). Findings from this workshop will contribute to the future activities of the UNECE Group of Experts on Renewable Energy (GERE) and the UNECE Task Force on the Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystems Nexus contributing to nexus-related activities in the Water Convention’s programme of work.


There is an increasing recognition that energy-related objectives can be achieved more effectively through integrated and consultative planning, in synergy with environmental and other sectoral objectives, notably those of the water and agricultural sectors. As renewable energy becomes widely spread, the need to integrate sustainability objectives and multi-sectoral priorities into the renewable energy decision-making process becomes imperative. For energy policy-makers, “integration” involves action throughout the whole renewable energy development process, from strategic planning and policy design to project development, to ensure that the objectives and constraints of all sectors are properly considered.

The toolkit jointly developed by the UNECE Environment and Sustainable Energy Divisions, proposes a pragmatic approach to support policy-makers in: enhancing cooperation on renewable energy across sectors; exploring co-financing and partnership opportunities; maximizing and multiplying the benefits of renewables; and reducing their negative impact on the environment and local communities. It builds on existing methods and tools and on the experience of UNECE’s networks of experts across the spectrum of relevant sectors: renewable energy development, sustainable management of land and water resources, environmental protection, agriculture, municipalities, and regional and transboundary cooperation.


19 October

14:00 Introduction

14:15 Presentation: Toolkit for integrated water and energy planning and project development

14:30 Panel discussion on the value-added of the water-energy-nexus for inter-sectoral planning:

  • What is the status of renewable energy (RE) deployment in your country? How can integrated planning support sustainable RE deployment?
  • How are RE projects supporting rural development plans and vice-versa? How can RE projects be more sustainable at the regional level to optimize resource availability and take advantage of complementarities? How can basin-level planning support RE deployment?
  • How can this toolkit be applied in your country / subregion?

15:15 Q&A

15:45 Wrap-up & next steps


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