Results from the 2012 "Global Green Economy Index (GGEI) - An Analytic Tool Measuring National Green reputations and Performance"

Webinar // Results from the 2012 "Global Green Economy Index (GGEI) - An Analytic Tool Measuring National Green reputations and Performance"

Hosted by Dual Citizen Inc. founder and lead consultant Jeremy Tamanini, this webinar will review the results from the 2012 GGEI.

The presentation will discuss the methodology, underlying datasets, and country and city ranking results from this 3rd edition of the GGEI. There will also be a Q&A session about how this analytic tool can support various stakeholders in the green economy.

Dual Citizen is an international consultancy that advises stakeholders in the global green economy on communications strategy and associated analytics. This is the third edition of our annual Global Green Economy Index (GGEI), an analytic tool designed to help governments, international organizations and investors improve their "green" branding and communications strategies.

The GGEI is unique for combining in-depth analysis of national green performance with perception of that performance. Specifically, the GGEI evaluates the green reputations of 27 countries as judged by expert practitioners; it then benchmarks these perceptions against Dual Citizen's proprietary, data-driven measure of national green performance.

Coupled with Dual Citizen's consulting expertise in this realm, this unique tool offers actionable intelligence to a variety

of stakeholders:

-Government ministries and leadership: Assess gaps between the perceptions and reality of your national green performance and further strategic efforts to improve your competitive positioning and national or city green reputation.

-Industry associations, cleantech clusters and investors: Garner best practices for investment facilitation and cleantech promotion.

-International organizations: Analyze the global green economy on a national level and use the resulting insights to inform multilateral, regional and country-level policies and programs.


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