Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion // The Water-Energy-Food-Population-Economy Nexus

The discussion will introduce findings and lessons from the MenaraH2020 project on economic, demographic and environmental trends and scenarios facing the MENA region. Organised by the American University of Beirut Food Security Program.

Where and when

University of Beirut
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS)
Wing A, Room 310

6 June 2018


4:00 pm
Opening remarks

  • Dr. Ammar Olabi, Associate Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Jose Luis Vinuesa-Santamaria, Representative of the EU Delegation to Lebanon

4:15 pm
The Nexus and its economic and political implications

  • Dr. Eckart Woertz, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB)

4:40 pm
The demographic and environmental implications of the Nexus

  • Dr. Martin Keulertz, Assistant Professor, Food Security Program, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

5:00 pm
The MENARA policy tool

  • Dr. Mark Mulligan, Reader in Geography, King’s College London

5:20 pm
Panel discussion: How will the Nexus shape the MENA region?

  • Dr. Rami Zurayk, Professor and Chair, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • Rachel Bahn, Coordinator, Food Security Program, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences


Event flyer


Abed Al Kareem Yehya

Source: AUB website

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