"Energy-Water Nexus", Session at the Intelligent Efficiency Conference San Francisco

Conference Session // "Energy-Water Nexus", Session at the Intelligent Efficiency Conference San Francisco

Imagine H2O will run a session on the water-energy nexus at the Intelligent Efficiency Conference "Mainstreaming Intelligent Efficiency", organised by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

Water and energy are critical, mutually dependent resources. Integrated data-driven strategies for intelligent operations can allow cities and utilities to optimize their combined water-energy efficiency. The session will provide an overview of control technologies in buildings, at water/waste water utilities, and at electric utilities, provide an in depth case study on control systems in a water distribution system and discuss how end user energy and water consumption data is used real time via a social media approach to facilitate demand side management. The panel will host a discussion with the audience about additional case studies and the future trends in the energy/water space.


-Session Moderator: Scott Bryan, Imagine H2O

-Rowena Patawaran, Johnson Controls

-Justin Rundle, Honeywell

-McGee Young, Meter Hero


This session is part of the ACEEE's Energy first Intelligent Efficiency Conference "Mainstreaming Intelligent Efficiency".

Intelligent efficiency holds the promise of substantially reducing energy use while transforming many energy-using markets. To achieve this outcome will require collaboration among the efficiency, technology, and user communities. These communities are largely distinct, and few opportunities have existed to date for the energy efficiency and technology communities to interact. Past interactions have been limited to speakers from one community addressing assemblies of the other.

ACEEE's first Intelligent Efficiency Conference intends to convene these diverse communities to facilitate the sharing of ideas and forming of partnerships that can advance adoption of intelligent efficiency in the marketplace. The Intelligent Efficiency Conference will provide an opportunity to hear from thought leaders and innovators to learn what is happening in this rapidly evolving world, and to serve as a crucible for the formation of new policies, program strategies and commercial ventures.


Hyatt Regency

San Francisco, CA

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