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Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme // Newsletter issue No. 12, June 2022

The latest Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme Newsletter is filled with insightful updates on promoting the WEF Nexus and its institutionalization. Learn more about some of our core activities within our five target regions and the we are supporting the implementation of the Nexus around the world.

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Dear readers,

We are back! While we are almost halfway into the year, the last months have been filled with exciting accomplishments for the Nexus Regional Dialogues (NRD) programme. It has been busy, and we are happy to share that we have transitioned from the planning phase to implementation mode with core activities to mainstream the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus approach.

A clear milestone reached for the NRD programme is the development of a new WEF Nexus training and its implementation to inspire participants to become “WEF Nexus Ambassadors”. The training material is now available for free – learn where to access and download it in this edition!

We want to show the added value of the WEF Nexus approach in practice and therefore support concrete demonstration projects in different regions – from promoting WEF Nexus based farming practices in Egypt to uplifting livelihoods through solar-powered irrigation in Niger. Read up about recent activities and progress from the ground!

As part of our Nexus interview series, you will get to know Kristine Herbomel, regional coordinator of the project “Support to the Integrated Management of Water Resources of Lake Kivu and the Ruzizi River”.

Before you dive into this latest newsletter edition, we would like to take this opportunity to announce a change within the NRD Newsletter editorial team, our longtime editor Tina Schmiers will sadly be leaving us. While we wish her all the best, we would also like to welcome Cecilia Vey, who will be taking over this role, leading the communications and outreach activities of the Nexus team.

Happy reading!

Your Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme-Team

Read in this issue


  • The new WEF Nexus training material inspires the increased application of the approach worldwide
  • Our support for attempting to solve the WEF Nexus puzzle at the 9th World Water Forum


  • News from the Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme in our five target regions
  • FREXUS Project - Improving security and climate resilience in a fragile context through the Water-Energy-Food Nexus
  • Support to the Integrated Management of Water Resources of Lake Kivu and the Ruzizi River Project


  • Practical perspectives and Nexus facts from the Nexus Resource Platform archive

  • Upcoming events

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