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The Nexus Resource Platform is the leading global knowledge hub for managing and sharing resources on the Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus. It enables practitioners, researchers and policymakers to think beyond sectors to ensure access to water, energy and food for all.

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The Nexus Resource Platform empowers you with action-oriented key information

We enable policymakers, planners, academia and scholars to make WEF Nexus thinking a reality with knowledge products, trainings, videos and projects. Our knowledge hub features a wide range of resources that can support and inspire you to get the WEF Nexus approach into action.

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The WEF nexus approach

What is the Water-Energy-Food Nexus approach and why do we need it?

In the 21st century, the world´s demand for natural resources is more pressing than ever before. The Water, Energy and Food security Nexus approach aims to secure the supply of these resources by strengthening synergies and reducing trade-offs among these sectors.

event 11 Jan 2023 01 Feb 2023 location online

Webinar Series // Water Governance Analysis for Transformational Change - Module 2

The FAO ‘Water Governance Analysis for Transformational Change’ webinar series draws lessons from pilot water governance analyses undertaken in five countries in the NENA…

event 31 Jan 2023

Webinar // Nexus research for improved policy support: water scarcity in Europe

Nexus Project Cluster and COST Action NEXUSNET facilitated by UNU-FLORES organize a webinar on ‘Nexus research for improved policy support: water scarcity in Europe’ which…

event 07 Feb 2023 10 Feb 2023 location Praia, Cabo Verde

2nd WASAG International Forum on Water Scarcity in Agriculture

With its strategy for 2021-2024, the Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture (WASAG) aims to address the increasing challenges posed by climate change and the…

@NEXUSPlatform  | 6 hrs ago

#Bioenergy🔋 plays an increasing role as a renewable #energy source due to #climatechange.

But is the cultivation of bioenergy crops as green as it seems?🌱

🌾A recent article used #IPCC guidelines to study the emissions of the energy crop cultivation.

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@NEXUSPlatform  | 8 hrs ago

The #WEFNexus: Only a theoretical approach?🚿💡🌾

Well, not anymore! It is already put into practise around the world🌏

How efficient is Nexus implementation?
➡️A recent study measured the efficiency of the #Nexus in Punjab, Pakistan 🇵🇰


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