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NEXUS in the Media

Archive 2015

25 Nov 15

Water Online

Dow Contributes To University Of Arizona Advancing Water Treatment R&D

25 Nov 15


Aerosolised Nanoparticles Boost Tomato Production

24 Nov 15


Israeli private-public funds fight climate change

24 Nov 15

California AgToday

IFPRI Tackles More Food with Less Water

24 Nov 15

Utility Week

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad WEF?

22 Nov 15

Sydney Morning Herald

We neglect food security at our peril

22 Nov 15

Penn State News

Initiative seeks to put Penn State at forefront of energy security, independence

19 Nov 15

Business Wire

Cambrian Innovation Launches $30M Fund to Finance Distributed Clean Water Solutions

19 Nov 15


Invitation to workshops on Uncertainties of future UK water, energy & food consumption

19 Nov 15


Invitation to workshops on Uncertainties of future UK water, energy & food consumption

13 Nov 15

The National (UAE)

Oil companies have a ‘responsibility’ to become more environmentally aware

13 Nov 15

Frog Heart

Tomatoes and some nano-sized nutrients

13 Nov 15

The Hindu

Managing water

10 Nov 15

Nature World News

Tomato Plants: Nanoparticles Boost Growth and Antioxidant Levels, Researchers Say

06 Nov 15


Technology key to driving Australia’s prosperity: CSIRO

05 Nov 15

The Texas Tribune

Agriculture Through the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

04 Nov 15

Zambia Daily Mail

President challenges water experts on energy deficit

03 Nov 15

Cecil Whig

Scientists probe food, energy, water solutions at World Bank workshop

03 Nov 15

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC)

LUNGU calls for energy solutions

29 Oct 15


Namibia: Food Security, Development Depend On Water Availability


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