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NEXUS in the Media

Archive 2014

22 Oct 14


Tackling the Water-energy-food Nexus Without Reinventing the Wheel

22 Oct 14

Engineering News

PFS confirms viability of Monont’sa pumped storage power plant

22 Oct 14

World Economic Forum

How can we adapt farming to climate change?

20 Oct 14


Energy water food issues cannot be dealt separately: Experts

20 Oct 14


Changing rainfall common problem for entire globe, says UN-sponsored book

19 Oct 14


Shell and Masdar host conference on global energy, water and food scarcity challenges

19 Oct 14

University at Buffalo News Center

RENEW provides seed funding to four environment-oriented research projects

19 Oct 14

Sustainable Development Policy & Practise

EMG Reports on Green Economy Knowledge Products

17 Oct 14


Raise your voice for a secure and sustainable supply of food, energy and water

17 Oct 14

E2Designlab Blog

Hungry ‘burbs’: Could urban agriculture be the answer to the energy-food-water nexus?

17 Oct 14

Khaleej Times

Energy, water, food issues cannot be dealt separately: Experts

17 Oct 14

Glacier Hub

Hundreds of Millions of South Asians At Risk from Glacier Melt

15 Oct 14

CGIAR Development Dialogue

Thirsty food story: grasping the invisible ingredient

15 Oct 14


Energy Minister: Water shortage at critical stage in 3 provinces

13 Oct 14


California aquifers contaminated with billions of gallons of fracking wastewater

10 Oct 14

Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)

Tackling the Water-energy-food Nexus Without Reinventing the Wheel

10 Oct 14

The Guardian

What next for water and sustainability? - your ideas for our coverage

09 Oct 14

The Guardian

Finding solutions for South Africa’s coal-fired water and energy problems

09 Oct 14

The Hill

Congress needed on water, power

08 Oct 14


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