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14 Apr 14


The Food Energy Water Nexus in South Africa

The Food, Energy Water Nexus is central to the sustainability of South Africa’s future. Unless all three elements of the system are in balance, communities cannot flourish. However, we are now faced with a system alarmingly out of balance, and the sustainable supply of water, food and energy is becoming ever less certain. Effectively averting a crisis requires enhanced information, coordinated planning and adaptation to a resource-scarce future. A flourishing economy underpinned by resilient ecosystems that can produce sufficient water, energy and food security for all into the future, depends on it.

14 Apr 14


Water and Energy in Food Security

Presentation held in March 2014 on the 32nd FAO Regional Conference on Asia and the Pacific

14 Apr 14


Reconciling Energy and Food Security

By Rhett B. Larson, in: University of Richmond Law Review, Allen Chair Issue 2014: The Energy-Water Nexus. - Achieving food security and energy security are two primary policy aims of international and domestic law. Ironically, the pursuit of energy security can often frustrate efforts to achieve food security. Energy security is the condition of a nation and its citizens having reasonable physical and economic access to sufficient and sustainable energy. Food security is the condition of a nation and its citizens having reasonable physical and economic access to sufficient and sustainable food. These two objectives often collide in the area of agricultural water management. It is in that realm that, frustratingly, the goal of achieving food security most frequently comes into conflict with the ambition to achieve energy security. For example, food production in India depends heavily upon irrigation. Many of these crops are drought-resistant grain crops like sorghum or millet. However, international and domestic energy demands have rapidly expanded the growth of irrigated sugar cane in India for biofuel production. Unlike drought resistant food crops, biofuel crops are often water intensive. As such, the desire to achieve energy security diverts available land and water resources away from food security, exacerbating conflicts between industries and communities over scarce resources. This article argues that making “water security” a more predominant policy aim can help reconcile and integrate energy security and food security.

11 Apr 14


World Water Day: The Water-Energy Nexus - From Global to Local

Water purification requires energy and energy production requires water. Water and energy are not only both closely interconnected and interdependent with choices and actions in one domain positively or negatively affecting the other, but combined together, they impact on sanitation and food production. As the “bottom billion” continue to urgently need access to water, electricity, sanitation and food, understanding the interlinkages and synergies between water and energy to alleviate poverty should be a priority. Water and energy is therefore the theme for World Water Day on March 22, 2014.

09 Apr 14

Press Release

Sustainable management of natural resources needed

Water scarcity, high demand for energy and food security in South Africa was high on the agenda of the South African Cities Network’s strategic conversation on water-energy-food nexus held in Port Elizabeth on Thursday, 27 March 2014.

09 Apr 14


The Water, Food and Energy Nexus: What does it mean for SA Cities? - A Practitioner’s Perspective

Presentation held by Ashwin Seetal at Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality on 27 March 2014

09 Apr 14


Cities Network Strategic Conversations

Presentation held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on 28 March 2014

09 Apr 14

Policy Brief

SEI Research Synthesis: The Water-Energy-Food Nexus

SEI has done a lot of work focused on the water-energy- food nexus, a topic that is deeply relevant to sustainable development planning and policy. This brief draws on SEI’s expertise in hydrology, agriculture, and water and energy systems analysis, and leverages two powerful SEI-built tools: the Water Evaluation and Planning system (WEAP) and the Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning system (LEAP). It also builds on SEI’s on-the-ground research on livelihoods, energy access, sanitation and other issues. The brief describes the ongoing research on the water-energy-food nexus, starting with key insights from SEI’s studies and interactions with stakeholders to date.

08 Apr 14


FAO Water Reports: Climate change, water and food security

This report summarizes current knowledge of the anticipated impacts of climate change on water availability for agriculture. The implications for local and national food security are examined; and the methods and approaches to assess climate change impacts on water and agriculture are discussed. The report emphasizes the need for a closer alignment between water and agricultural policies and makes the case for immediate implementation of ‘no-regrets’ strategies which have both positive development outcomes and make agricultural systems resilient to future impacts.

07 Apr 14


Utilities called upon to address energy-water nexus

Utilities can be part of addressing these challenges of the energy-water nexus by educating consumers on the important role that energy plays in water usage, as well as making adjustments to their own plants. That is the conclusion of Pure Energies and the Congressional Research Service on this World Water Day.

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