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22 Jan 15


Addressing the Energy-Water Nexus

How can we reduce the consumption of fresh water used to produce electricity? This infographic summarizes some of the discussion points.

21 Jan 15


Renewable Energy in the Water, Energy & Food Nexus

To overcome the increasing constraints the world faces, we need to fundamentally rethink how we produce and consume energy in relation to the water and food sectors.

20 Jan 15


Water is at the heart of climate change adaptation

A video to show the importance of water in striving for climate change resilience.

17 Jan 15


Who should value nature?

Sustainable Business Initiative - Outside insights

14 Jan 15


Newton fund opportunities: India and China

Two Newton Fund opportunities may be of interest

09 Jan 15


Dammed or damned: the role of hydropower in the water and energy nexus

by Andrea Castelletti, Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano (Italy), at the E4D ETH Winter School 2015 on Global Water Challenges

29 Dec 14


Addressing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Asia Pacific

The concentration of systemic risks on the linkages between water, energy and food, i.e. the Water-Food-Energy Nexus, exacerbated by climate change, emerged as a key global concern during the Rio+20 process.

23 Dec 14


Nexus issues Open e-Consultation: Towards the establishment of the “Mediterranean Nexus Network”

This consultation is a part of the research work of Ciheam-Bari experts in view of the 3rd Arab Water Forum context.

22 Dec 14

Tender opportunity

Mapping Exercise for Energy-Water-Food Nexus

The United Kingdom’s Government invite bids from companies/organisations to conduct a mapping exercise for energy-water-food nexus.

21 Dec 14


Achieving Energy and Water Security: Scalable Solution from the Private Sector

In the 2014 environment report, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation present nearly 30 success storieson energy and water issues that benefit the environment and the bottom line.

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NEXUS Knowledge

This section introduces and presents key documents, presentations, links and other information on the nexus. We foresee that it will grow over time and aim to build a comprehensive online archive of Nexus-related knowledge products for decision-makers in politics and the corporate world, researchers, experts and other interested users.

Systematic & full text search will be added soon.

We do welcome your suggestions for inclusion of Nexus-related information and thank you in advance!

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