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03 Jul 15


Critical Roles of Water in Achieving the proposed SDGs: A Nexus Perspective

held by Douglas Merrey and Seleshi Bekele Awulachew (UN-DESA) at the Workshop on “Capacity Development in Advancing Water and Sustainable Development”, United Nations, New York City, NY

02 Jul 15


“empowering people. Award” to identify tech-based social solutions is looking for nominations

Win the award and join the “empowering people. Network” for further promotion, training, network opportunities or individual support!

30 Jun 15


Corporate Information Transparency Index

The water pollution and soil pollution are also major challenges that the country faces.

30 Jun 15


How science might resolve conflicts between water, energy and food

Global efforts to try and improve energy, water and food supplies are becoming increasingly necessary.

28 Jun 15


Considering the energy,water and food nexus: Towards an integrated modelling approach

The areas of energy,waterand food policy have numerous interwoven concerns ranging from ensuring access to services, to environmental impacts to price volatility

28 Jun 15


Exploring the Energy-Water Nexus: An analysis with TIAM-ECN for the Middle East

by Tom Kober, Bob van der Zwaan and Matthew Halstead at the ESTAP Semi-annual workshop in Abu Dhabi on 1 June 2015

22 Jun 15


The Nexus Conference 2014. Water. Food. Climate. Energy. What’s the Solution?

This is a motion graphic created and published by University of North Carolina students for the Nexus Conference in 2014.

22 Jun 15


State, Challenges and Issues of Water and Energy Nexus in Transboundary Basins of SEE

Prepared by Amar Sodilo as background document for the International Roundtable on Water and Energy Nexus in transboundary basins in Southeastern Europe on 6 - 8 November 2013 Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

16 Jun 15


Sustainable use of organic resources for bioenergy, food and water provision in rural Sub-Saharan Africa

This paper reviews use of organic resources in rural Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), impacts on household energy, and interactions with provision of food and water.

10 Jun 15


Enhancing institutional arrangements for integrated water, energy and food security in Kenya

In Kenya, land and water are increasingly becoming scarce as industries grow.

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NEXUS Knowledge

This section introduces and presents key documents, presentations, links and other information on the nexus. We foresee that it will grow over time and aim to build a comprehensive online archive of Nexus-related knowledge products for decision-makers in politics and the corporate world, researchers, experts and other interested users.

Systematic & full text search will be added soon.

We do welcome your suggestions for inclusion of Nexus-related information and thank you in advance!

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