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19 May 16


Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Leading Asian Sustainable Developement

19 May 16


The Water-Energy Nexus in the Indian Ocean Region

Lauren Hooley, Research Assistant, Global Food and Water Crises Research Programme with Furture Directions International

10 May 16


The Water-Energy-Food Nexus and the Transboundary Context: Insights from Large Asian Rivers

The water-energy-food nexus is a topical subject for research and practice, reflecting the importance of these sectors for humankind and the complexity and magnitude of the challenges they are facing.

09 May 16


High and Dry : Climate Change, Water, and the Economy

The impacts of climate change will be channeled primarily through the water cycle, with consequences that could be large and uneven across the globe.

30 Apr 16


Designing Hydro Supply Chains for Water, Food, Energy and Flood Nexus

The development of hydropower has the potential to address all the nexus issues in the same time

26 Apr 16


Thematic Briefing for Permanent Missions SE4All Water-Energy Nexus Agenda

Vienna, Monday 16 March, 2015

25 Apr 16


Modeling the water-food-energy nexus in the arab world: Economic and welfare impacts in Egypt

Presentation by IFPRI’s Perrihan Al-Riffai

25 Apr 16


A nexus perspective on competing land demands: Wider lessons from a UK policy case study

As nations develop policies for low-carbon transitions, conflicts with existing policies and planning tools are leading to competing demands for land and other resources.

15 Apr 16


Walking the Nexus Talk: A ssessing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

in the Context of the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative - FAO Environment and Natural Ressources Management Working Paper 58 (July 2014)

23 Mar 16


The road to resilience - managing the risks of the energy-water-food nexus (early findings)

“The road to resilience – managing the risks of the energy-water-food nexus” is the second risk dimension investigated as part of the Financing Resilient Energy Infrastructure initiative.

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NEXUS Knowledge

This section introduces and presents key documents, presentations, links and other information on the nexus. We foresee that it will grow over time and aim to build a comprehensive online archive of Nexus-related knowledge products for decision-makers in politics and the corporate world, researchers, experts and other interested users.

Systematic & full text search will be added soon.

We do welcome your suggestions for inclusion of Nexus-related information and thank you in advance!

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