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event 04 Mar 2016

Food-Energy-Water Nexus for Global Sustainability

event 23 Oct 2015

Slides // Water-Food-Energy: well-being indicators for a better quality of life

By Fabiola Riccardini, istat, in Paris in June 2015. Despite the progress the international community has done thanks to the Millennium Development…

event 15 Sep 2015

Presentations // Re-framing silos to accelerate development pathways

held on this panel on the 2015 World Water Week in Stockholm on 28August 2015

event 07 Aug 2015

Slides // Climate-smart agriculture

by Ralph Sims, at Federated Farmers National Conference "Resilient Agri-business" in Wellington, New Zealand on July 2nd, 2015

event 23 Jul 2015

Slides // Modelling Innovation at Water Energy Food Nexus

PhD Project opportunity at Cranfield School of Management within the area of Complex Systems / Complexity.

event 09 Jul 2015

Slides // Climate and the water-energy-food nexus up

by Carole Dalin, London School of Economics, at the Our Common Future Under Climate Change conference, July 7-10 in Paris, France

event 03 Jul 2015

Slides // Critical Roles of Water in Achieving the proposed SDGs: A Nexus Perspective

held by Douglas Merrey and Seleshi Bekele Awulachew (UN-DESA) at the Workshop on "Capacity Development in Advancing Water and Sustainable…

event 28 Jun 2015

Slides // Exploring the Energy-Water Nexus: An analysis with TIAM-ECN for the Middle East

by Tom Kober, Bob van der Zwaan and Matthew Halstead at the ESTAP Semi-annual workshop in Abu Dhabi on 1 June 2015

event 10 Jun 2015

Slides // 20 trillion green watts

by Dénes Csala

event 28 May 2015

Slides // Ecosystems Underpin Infrastructure in The Nexus

held at the conference Solutions for the Nexus in Beijing, China in November 2014

event 12 May 2015

Slides // Water and Security: SEE 2020 Perspective

held by Srdan Susic, Regional Co-operation Council, at the The 23rd OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum in Belgrade, 12 May 2015

event 11 May 2015

Slides // Tackling complexity in a changing climate: the water-energy-food nexus in low income countries

by Louise Karlberg (Stockholm Environment Insitutute) as a Webinar for the The International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) on May 8th, 2015

event 06 May 2015

Slides // Actions taken in the field of water resources since the tenth session of the Committee on Water Resources

held on the 11th Session of the ESCWA Committee on Water Resources in Amman, Jordan, 26-27 March 2015

event 01 May 2015

Slides // Proposed programme of work for the biennium 2016-2017 in the field of water resources

held on the 11th Session of the ESCWA Committee on Water Resources in Amman, Jordan, 26-27 March 2015

event 09 Jan 2015

Slides // Dammed or damned: the role of hydropower in the water and energy nexus

by Andrea Castelletti, Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano (Italy), at the E4D ETH Winter School 2015 on Global Water Challenges

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