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event 16 Oct 2018

Profil de pays Nexus // Cameroun

Le Cameroun est un pays richement doté en ressources naturelles (pétrole et gaz, bois précieux et minerais) et agricoles (café, coton, cacao, maïs et…

event 16 Oct 2018

Profil de pays Nexus // Tchad

Le Tchad, qui compte parmi les pays producteurs de pétrole depuis 2003, est devenu dépendant de cette ressource. Son économie qui, auparavant…

event 16 Oct 2018

Profil de pays Nexus // Benin

L’économie du Benin repose sur trois piliers: l’agriculture vivrière, la production du coton et le commerce régional. Cependant, le développement…

event 16 Oct 2018

Nexus Country Profile // Nigeria

A key regional player in West Africa, with approximately 184 million inhabitants, Nigeria has experienced a moderate growth driven by the continued…

event 16 Oct 2018

Profil de pays Nexus // Côte d’Ivoire

La Côte d’Ivoire est le premier producteur mondial de cacao et de noix de cajou, exportateur de pétrole doté d’une industrie manufacturière…

event 16 Oct 2018

Profil de pays Nexus // Mali

L’activité économique du Mali est concentrée dans le delta intérieur du Niger – 90% de la population vit dans le sud du pays – qui représente une…

event 16 Oct 2018

Profil de pays Nexus // Guinée

La croissance économique en Guinée s’est établi à 6.7 % en 2017 et repose principalement sur la hausse de la production minière – bauxite en…

event 16 Oct 2018

Profil de pays Nexus // Burkina Faso

Le Burkina Faso dépend énormément de l’agriculture pour le bien-être de ses habitants. L’augmentation de la productivité pourrait améliorer la…

event 11 Oct 2018

Science Forum 2018 Case Study // Examining Tradeoffs in the Allocation of Biomass Energy Sources to Domestic and Productive Uses in Ethiopia

By Dawit Mekonnen, Elizabeth Bryan, Tekie Alemu, Claudia Ringler. Rural households in Ethiopia have limited options to meet their domestic energy…

event 11 Oct 2018

Publication // Climate and Southern Africa's Water-Energy-Food Nexus

By Declan Conway, Emma Archer van Garderen, Delphine Deryng, Steve Dorling, Tobias Krueger, Willem Landman, Bruce Lankford, Karen Lebek, Tim Osborn,…

event 26 Sep 2018

Water-Food-Energy-Environment Synergies and Tradeoffs // Major Issues and Case Studies

By Peter G. McCornick, Seleshi B. Awulachew and Michael Abebe. Using both a brief global overview as well as a closer review of four case studies…

event 21 Sep 2018

Project // Governing the Land-Water-Environment Nexus in Southern Africa

In southern Africa, the intersection of land, water and environment is central to a range of challenges for policymakers, businesses and local…

event 18 Jul 2018

Return on Investment Case Study // Accelerating Solar Water Pump Sales in Kenya

This Return on Investment case study by Winrock International shows an increase in gross profits of up to 186% within one to two crop seasons after…

event 03 Jul 2018

Project // S-MultiStor: Sustainable Hydropower and Multipurpose Storage to Meet the Water, Food and Energy SDG's

This project is a 3-year program to investigate and demonstrate improved approaches to sustainable multipurpose water storage, including both gray…

event 19 Jun 2018

Nexusing Charcoal in South Mozambique // A Proposal To Integrate the Nexus Charcoal-Food-Water Analysis With a Participatory Analytical and Systemic Tool

By Ricardo Martins. Nexus analysis identifies and explores the synergies and trade-offs between energy, food and water systems, considered as…

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