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event 13 avr. 2023

Frexus Project // UN 2023 Water Conference Side Event: Dealing with climate, water and peace: how participatory system analysis supported conflict resolution at local level. Lessons from Niger.

The 23rd of March 2023, the Government of Niger organized a side event at the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York. The event, held at the African…

Energies 16 03206 g001 550
event 12 avr. 2023

Research Article // The Nexus between Agriculture, Water, Energy and Environmental Degradation in Central Asia—Empirical Evidence Using Panel Data Models

By Olimjon Saidmamatov and colleagues. There is a positive long-term impact of economic growth, water productivity, energy consumption and…

Applsci 13 04734 g001 550
event 12 avr. 2023

Research Article // Energy–Water Management System Based on MPC for a Greenhouse in a Mapuche Indigenous Community

By Alvaro Endo and colleagues. Climate change has made rural environments susceptible to water shortages, impacting crop yields. The implementation…

Frwa 03 744773 g001
event 11 avr. 2023

Research Article // A System Innovation Approach for Science-Stakeholder Interface: Theory and Application to Water-Land-Food-Energy Nexus

By Angelos Alamanos and colleagues. The authors synthesise lessons from Greece's practical and research experience, identify knowledge and…

Chapter 9 delta jpg 780x442
event 12 avr. 2023 location Online

Webinar Series // Unpacking freshwater’s role: Joint climate action through integrated approaches

Organised by the Swedish Water House, the webinar aims to examine several integrated approaches that can be used to achieve water-wise climate…

Land 12 00595 g001 550
event 06 avr. 2023

Research Article // Coupling Coordination and Spatial-Temporal Evolution of Water-Land-Food Nexus: A Case Study of Hebei Province at a County-Level

By Wenzhe Luo and colleagues. The researchers chose 26 indicators to build a Water-Land-Food nexus evaluation index system. The authors used the…

Screenshot 2023 04 06 103414
event 06 avr. 2023

Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme // Nexus Newsletter, Issue N° 16, March 2023

The Nexus Newsletter is filled with project updates including activities, milestones and achievements as well as the latest news on the WEF Nexus,…

Screenshot 2023 04 05 110856
event 05 avr. 2023

Research Article // Integration of energy systems, circular economy and efficiency measures

By Tine Seljak and colleagues. The present paper enriched with the outcomes of previous SDEWES conferences to enlighten the advances made in the…

Frwa 05 1138869 g001
event 05 avr. 2023

Research Article // The impact of water conservation policies on the reallocation of agricultural water-land resources

By Hadis Kavand and colleagues. The present research explored the effects of water resources conservation policies on optimal cropping pattern and…

Screenshot 2023 04 04 094700
event 04 avr. 2023

Research Article // Gender equity and social inclusion in the water-energy-food-ecosystems (WEFE) nexus: Frameworks and tools for moving from resource-centric to people-centric WEFE nexus approaches

By Riina Jalonen and colleagues. This learning module focuses on how to integrate gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) considerations in WEFE…

event 04 avr. 2023

Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme // Sustainable Water Management at the 2nd WASAG International forum

The 2nd WASAG International forum took place in Praia, Cabo Verde between the 7-10th February 2023. It assembled partners and working groups to…

Screenshot 2023 04 03 100709
event 03 avr. 2023

Research Article // Solar-powered farm rickshaw for agricultural transport

By Pranay Rajendra Lanjekar and colleagues. The automobile sector is rising rapidly at a global level. Most work has been done on solar-powered…

event 03 avr. 2023

Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme MENA // Securing municipalities’ climate finance within the WEF-Nexus framework, a MINARET II Regional Meeting.

“Road to Finance – Nexus Thinking and Decentralisation of Subnational Governments” was the title of the MINARET II regional meeting that took place…

20230331 2
event 31 mars 2023

Research Article // Comprehensive reliability evaluation of water-energy nexus systems

By Yunfan Zhang and Lingfeng Wang. This paper proposes a probabilistic reliability evaluation method for the micro-WEN model based on the sequential…

20230331 1
event 31 mars 2023

Research Article // On-farm greenhouse gas emissions associated with the cultivation of two new bioenergy crops in the UK

By Laura Cumplido-Marin and colleagues. The current study developed a model to study the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the cultivation of…

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