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event 31 mai 2012

Rio+20 Voluntary Commitment // Mountain knowledge solutions for sustainable green economy and improved water, food, energy, and environment nexus

The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), working in close collaboration with the partners in its 8 regional member…

event 29 mai 2012

Statement // Water in a Green Economy

This statement reflects a collective opinion of the UN-Water Members and comprises recommendations to the participants of the UNCSD 2012 as well as a…

event 29 mai 2012

Policy Paper // Deliverables by UN-Water

for the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

event 16 mai 2012

Policy Paper // Zero Net Land Degradation

UNCCD secretariat Recommendations for Policymakers: A Sustainable Development Goal for Rio+20 to secure the contribution of our planet's land and…

event 08 mai 2012

Issue Brief // The end to cheap oil: a threat to food security and an incentive to reduce fossil fuels in agriculture

Global Environment Alert Service (GEAS) of UNEP produces bulletin on peak oil and food security: While we already face a situation of food insecurity…

event 07 mai 2012

Issue Brief // Economics of Land Degradation <<-->> The Costs of Action versus Inaction

In recent years, prices of agricultural land have increased quickly, actually doubling and tripling in many parts of the world. This land value…

event 19 avr. 2012

Issue Brief // Water/Energy/Climate Nexus

Water and energy are inextricably linked. Energy is needed to provide freshwater; and water is needed to produce most forms of energy. Climate change…

event 20 mars 2012

Zero Draft // "The Future We Want" <<-->> Zero draft of Rio+20

event 09 mars 2012

Policy Paper // Mekong2Rio <<-->> Conference Brief (Draft)

International Conference on Transboundary River Basin Management, 1-3 May 2012, Phuket Mekong2Rio will be an important contribution to the…

event 08 mars 2012

Policy Papers // Rio+20: Water Security for Growth and Sustainability

Water security for a green economy Institutional effectiveness Integrated approaches Leadership Future strategy

event 07 mars 2012

Policy Papers // The missing link in sustainable development: A call to integrate population in the water, food, energy nexus

On 11-12 January, the World Economic Forum's Network of Global Agenda Councils and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) convened a group of…

event 27 févr. 2012

Bonn2011 Nexus Conference // Background Paper "Understanding the Nexus"

This paper is the scientific background paper of the Bonn2011 Nexus Conference. It explains the Nexus and presents initial evidence for how a nexus…

event 26 sept. 2011

In Preparation of Rio+20 // UNSGAB: Water and Sanitation: Underpinning the Pillars of Sustainable Development in the context of a Green Economy

Good management of water and sanitation is a precondition for sustainable development. It underpins the three pillars of sustainable development and…

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