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Food, Energy and Water Nexus for Livelihood Security in India // FEWLing the Growth

By Chandan Bhavnani, Himanshu Shekhar, Nitesh Chandra, Arnesh Sharma and Parajdeep Singh Dhillon. India's high political and economic ambitions are impeded by the challenges of sustainably securing the country's Food, Energy and Water (FEW) resources. The report assesses the current management and interlinkages of FEW and identifies how an integrated strategy can be developed to address the complex risks to ensure sustainability.

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With the potential to be the second largest economy by 2050 as well as the prospective home of 1.7 billion people, India requires a tremendous increase in food production, water access and power generation capacity in the recent future. Food, Energy and Water (FEW) form three quintessential resources to an equitable and sustainable future for India. The country’s ambitious economic and policy targets are impeded by challenges like burgeoning population, falling water tables, high dependence on conventional sources of energy, amongst others.


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Table of Content

  • 1. Food-Energy-Water nexus
    • Need for FEW nexus approach in India
    • Implementation Challenges
  • 2. FEW nexus approach in India
    • Policy landscape
    • FEW nexus Approach in Agriculture
    • FEW nexus Approach in Energy
    • FEW nexus Approach in Water
    • FEW nexus Approach in Industry
    • Business Response
    • Food processing
    • Power
    • Iron & Steel
  • 3. Global Applications of FEW nexus Approach
    • Case Study 1: India
    • Case Study 2: Mexico
    • Case Study 3: Kenya
    • Case Study 4: Australia
  • 4. Mainstreaming FEW nexus approach for livelihood
    • Risks and Vulnerability Context
    • FEW Resource Assets
    • Strategies for improving livelihoods – FEW Approach
    • Finance as a Sustainability Catalyst
    • Conventional financing tools
    • Emerging Financing Tools for FEW
  • Conclusion


February 2018


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