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Frexus Project // The signing ceremony of the local convention in Bellen

As part of the Frexus project, a convention on natural resource management was signed during a workshop in the commune of Bellen, Governorate of Segou, Mali, on January 18, 2023.

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A convention on natural resource management was signed in the commune of Bellen, Governorate of Segou, during a workshop initiated by the Frexus project. Participants included the Mayor of the commune of Bellen, the Central Sub-Prefect Mr. Aboubacar Coulibaly, representative of the Prefect of the circle of Segou, village chiefs, officials of technical services and representatives of socio-professional organizations.

This agreement, already initiated in 2005 under the condition of renewal every 3 years, has experienced a conflict between the stakeholders on the payment of fees leading to its suspension. Given the importance of the management of forest and agro-pastoral areas, as well as transhumance trails in Bellen, the Frexus project was asked to support the reactivation of the convention.

The new project of communal convention, which the commune and its villages have been working on since the end of June 2022, is a document composed by 79 articles. It contains a strengthening plan which includes a chronogram, an estimation of the implementation costs of its action plan, and an analysis of constraints. The convention was signed by the main stakeholders who make-use-of or play a role in the management of the convention and who seek the peaceful and sustainable management of the natural resources in the commune of Bellen.

Upon emphasizing the benefits of the convention in reducing conflicts between farmers and herders in Bellen, the first deputy prefect, Aboubacar Coulibaly, who was presiding over the workstream, invited the participants "to convey the right message for the consolidation and capitalization of the achievements, in a prosperous environment for the happiness of the people".

Click here to access the (French only) document: "Projet de Convention communale sur la gestion des domaines forestiers et agropastoraux de la commune de Bellen".

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