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Frexus Project // Equipment handover ceremony to community radios in Mali and Chad

Equipment handover ceremonies were successfully conducted at the community radios of Bellen in the Segou district in Mali as well as Mao, Mondo and Nokou in the Kanem district in Chad as part of the Frexus project in late 2022.

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As part of the implementation of the action plans of local conventions for the sustainable and peaceful management of natural resources developed within the framework of the Frexus project, community radios in Mali (Bellen communes in the Ségou District) and Chad (Mao, Mondo and Nokou communes in the District of Kanem) have been equipped with radio materials. The handing over of these materials allow these radios to restart broadcasting and to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change, the links between natural resources, climate change and conflicts, as well as the content of social agreements.

Radio equipment handover ceremondy in Béllen, Mali

The handing over of the equipment allowed the reopening of the Bellen radio station, which stopped broadcasting since the occupation of the commune by terrorist groups in 2012. Radio communication remains the best solution for disseminating information due to the isolation of the commune, the dispersion of villages, and general insecurity. Reactivating the radio on the one hand rendered it possible to transmit news of the commune between the communities and, on the other hand has enabled a better connection with Mali. This rehabilitation was also important to provide information on the link between the WEF Nexus, climate change, conflicts as well as on the content of the social agreements signed in January 2023.

Radio equipment handover ceremony in Mao, Mondo et Nokou, Chad

The delivery of equipment and materials to the communes of Mao, Mondo and Nokou in Chad took place at the request of media associations and as part of the capacity building of community radios via the Frexus project. The official ceremony was presided by the Governor of Kanem Province.

In his remarks, the Governor thanked the Frexus project, the EU, BMZ and GIZ for enabling radio stations to broadcast information to rural communities. He recalled that these radios are important instruments to communicate useful messages to their listeners. The Director of Mao Community Radio also expressed gratitude for the handover of the equipment.

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