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event 22 Jun 2012

Policy Brief // FAO Support to Decision-Making for Sustainable Bioenergy - Making Bioenergy Work for Climate, Energy and Food Security

The rapid development of bioenergy, and in particular liquid biofuels, has generated considerable debate regarding their sustainability, and in…

event 21 Jun 2012

Policy Brief // The Case for Energy-Smart Food Systems

The food sector accounts for around 30 percent of the world's total energy consumption, with more than 70 percent occurring beyond the farm gate;…

event 21 Jun 2012

Issue Paper // Energy-Smart Food for People and Climate

Lack of access to modern energy services in many parts of the world is a fundamental barrier to reducing hunger and ensuring that the world can…

event 19 Jun 2012

Messages for Rio // Sustainability is Essential for Development

Interview with Stephan Opitz, Director General of KfW, on the Rio+20 conference and the work of KfW. On the occasion of the UN-conference Rio+20 he…

event 18 Jun 2012

Messages for Rio // Water cluster three priorities for Rio+20

On 8 June, FAN Global submitted three top priorities on behalf of the WASH cluster to the NGO Major Group which will be compiled into a compendium…

event 18 Jun 2012

Messages for Rio // The Food Future We Want

Fairfood International has released "The Food Future We Want", a set of documents outlining our demands of the food and beverage industry…

event 18 Jun 2012

Messages for Rio // CGIAR Call to Action

CGIAR calls for a focus on the entire agricultural landscape as an integrated system, which recognizes that isolated solutions will not reduce risks…

event 18 Jun 2012

Messages for Rio // A Climate-Safe "Green Economy" Protects Rivers, Rejects Destructive Dams

The twentieth anniversary of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, or Rio+20, comes at a time when human-caused emissions have pushed our…

event 15 Jun 2012

In Preparation of Rio+20 // One Planet - One Future: Equity and resilience for sustainable development

Twenty years after the first sustainable development conference in Rio de Janeiro, the planet and its inhabitants are under increasing pressure. By…

event 13 Jun 2012

World Declaration // IHA at al.: Water Storage for Sustainable Development

The global increase in population, both rural and urban, and the socio-economic development with increasing living standards for all, will…

event 11 Jun 2012

In Preparation of Rio+20 // WWF: "It's time to get serious about the planet."

We all need food, water and energy. These come from nature. We need nature. World leaders need to react to the natural crisis we are facing, rethink…

event 08 Jun 2012

Key Messages // Water: The Bloodstream of the Green Economy

Key messages to the 2012 Rio+20 Summit from the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)

event 08 Jun 2012

In Preparation of Rio+20 // Sustainable access to food, energy and water

The main challenge of building a sustainable world is to ensure the right of each and every one of the world's people to resources and basic…

event 04 Jun 2012

Concept Paper // The Water Security Nexus <<-->> Challenges and Opportunities for Development Cooperation

Is water the "gold of the 21st century," potentially triggering "water wars" between countries sharing the precious resource? Such scenarios…

event 01 Jun 2012

In Preparation of Rio+20 // Women's Major Group Intervention "Food, Water and Energy"

The Women's Major Group urges for constructive work on food, water, sanitation and energy. Women, youth and indigenous people are affected most by…

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