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Water-Energy Nexus // Energy Resource Use Options for Improved Energy Security in Ethiopia

By Hiroshan Hettiarachchi, UNU-FLORES. Ethiopia’s energy sector faces critical challenges to meet a steadily increasing energy demand. This is due to the low development of electric restructure, the countries strong dependence on imported oil, and drought vulnerable hydroelectric power.

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Cover policy brief energy security in ethiopia


  • Investigated Ethiopia’s least cost investment for integrated energy source diversification
  • Assessed impacts of drought expected from future climate change on hydroelectric generation
  • The country would need to invest in the development of alternative energy resources
  • This would enhance the sustainability and reliability of energy generation, but also increase costs
  • A greater rates of technological and efficiency innovations improve electricity diversification and reduce production costs; and are thus key for enhancing energy security


UNU-FLORES website


March 2015


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