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Panel // Renewable Energy Dialogue: Where Power meets the Soil

The Renewable Energy Dialogue will highlight opportunities for improved agricultural productivity in the Niger Delta through innovative off-grid energy solutions. The discussion will be held live on Zoom and our Facebook page.

20210502 Where Power Meets the Soil

June 02 2021

About the event

The Renewable Energy Dialogue will examine agro processes in the Niger Delta to identify current energy needs, status and challenges. Panellists will propose solutions to improve agricultural productivity, yield, and profit in the Niger Delta. The event is organized by The Electricity Hub.



You can register here for the event in Zoom.

About the Power Dialogue

Since its premiere in July 2016, the power dialogue has addressed crucial issues within the power sector including metering, electricity tariffs, alternative and renewable energy and consumer perspectives on the power sector in Nigeria.

About The Electricity Hub

The Electricity Hub (TEH) is an online portal that provides a variety of platforms for the analysis and dissemination of power sector related information, and the networking of key stakeholders in Africa’s power sector. It is a subsidiary of Nextier Capital Limited, and was borne out of the need to provide Nigerians with unrivalled access to the most credible power sector information.The Electricity Hub operates in the best interest of Africa's electricity supply industry and aspires to provide information to parties interested in participating in the industry. The online portal is designed to be a one-stop location for news, data, analysis and general information on Africa’s power industry including power sector events, careers, webinars etc. The core objective of the portal is to provide information to our target customers to enable more-informed transactional decisions on Africa’s power sector.

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