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event 24 февр. 2023

Programa Diálogo Regional Nexo para América Latina y el Caribe// Diálogos Regionales del Agua en América Latina y El Caribe 2023: Hacia la Conferencia del Agua de Naciones Unidas

La Comisión Económica de las Naciones Unidas para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL) organizó la tercera edición de los Diálogos Regionales del Agua…

SIWI Invite Improving security and climate resilience with participatory processes
event 30 авг. 2022

Frexus at Stockholm WWW 2022 // Improving security and climate resilience with participatory processes

This year’s Stockholm World Water Week is centred around the topic of “Seeing the Unseen: The Value of Water”. The Frexus session explored how local…

Header WWW Spanisch
event 24 сент. 2021

Nexus Blog // De riesgos a beneficios: El nexo en la Semana Mundial del Agua 2021

¿Cómo se puede aprovechar la financiación para proyectos integrados de recursos naturales? ¿Y puede el enfoque del nexo del agua, energía y la…

2018 03 brasiliawwf jganter 1600
event 11 мая 2018

Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue // Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus and SDGs Implementation

On Thursday, March 22, a coalition of stakeholders met in a special session to engage in dialogue around key topics related to the water-energy food…

20221021 1
event 17 окт. 2022

Le projet du lac Kivu et de la rivière Ruzizi // Feuille de route de la gestion des érosions en rapport avec l’occupation de bassin versant de la ville de Bukavu

By Manassé Lwimo. Cet atelier a été organisé pour attirer l’attention de toutes les forces vives de la mairie de Bukavu et les autres parties…

Logo stockholm world water week 2018 outcomes 1700x1000 1
event 07 окт. 2018

SWWW 2018 Outcomes // Creating Peace through the Water-Energy-Food and Security Nexus Perspective

In many regions, dwindling water and land resources endanger the livelihoods of the population. Often, poor land and water governance and management…

20221116 3
event 16 нояб. 2022

COP27 // RES4Africa Foundation and the RCREEE discussed approaches to uptake the Water-Energy-Food Nexus solutions in Africa during COP27

14th November 2022, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt - RES4Africa Foundation in collaboration with the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy…

event 05 сент. 2022

Frexus // Les Organismes Régionaux de Bassins au centre des Réflexions

En Juin 2022, a eu lieu le premier atelier d’échanges entre organismes de bassins autour de la gestion pacifique des ressources naturelles entre…

20221220 3
event 20 дек. 2022

COP 27 // Side Event on “Nexus Solutions for climate resilient water-energy-food-Environment security” shows importance of the Nexus approach for climate change

The COP27 took place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, holding a side event on November 14th on: “Nexus solutions for climate-resilient water, energy, food…

WWW Article WEFE Nexus
event 22 сент. 2021

Nexus Blog // From risks to returns: The WEF Nexus at World Water Week 2021

How can funding for integrated natural resources projects be leveraged? And can the WEF Nexus approach facilitate access to much-needed investment in…

Gabriel vissoto 175995 unsplash
event 20 апр. 2018

WWF8 Session Report // Reflections and Discussions on the WEF-Nexus at the WWF8 from a Latin American Perspective

By Isabel Pasternack, Susanne Schmeier and Reinaldo Penailillo. President Michel Temer highlighted in his inauguration speech, the importance of the…

20221017 1
event 24 окт. 2022

The Lake Kivu and Ruzizi River Project // Roadmap on integrated water resources management of Lake Kivu along the city of Goma

By Manassé Lwimo. The Lake Kivu and Rusizi/Ruzizi River Basin Authority (ABAKIR), with the technical support of GIZ and in partnership with the Mayor…

Logo stockholm world water week 2018 outcomes 1700x1000
event 07 окт. 2018

SWWW 2018 Outcomes // Understanding the Forest-Water Nexus: Redefining the Narrative?

This event discussed the prevailing narratives surrounding forests and water: the myths, the complex truths and the implications our understanding…

Dialogo Nexo
event 07 сент. 2022

Programa Diálogo Regional Nexo para América Latina y el Caribe // Diálogo Nexo: Unidos para afrontar crisis hídrica, energética y alimentaria

Este 23 de agosto, los principales actores del sector hídrico se reunieron en el evento Diálogo Nexo “Agua-Energía-Alimentación”, organizado por…

20221222 1
event 21 дек. 2022

Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme // Towards the future of the Nexus - Executive Steering Committee took stock of the Nexus Regional Dialogues

The 6th Executive Steering Committee Meeting of the Nexus Regional Dialogues (NRD) Programme was held on 11th - 12th October 2022. The main objective…

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